Effective YJA STAR Action Against Turkish Forces

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office has reported that 5 soldiers and 2 policemen were killed, while one soldier was wounded in the ongoing actions by HPG and YJA Star guerrillas against the war policies of the AKP.

Friday, September 11, 2015

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office has reported that 5 soldiers and 2 policemen were killed, while one soldier was wounded in the ongoing actions by HPG and YJA Star guerrillas against the war policies of the AKP. HPG also reported that the chief police officer shot dead on Dersim-Erzincan road on September 8 was the one of those who ordered the massacre in Ağrı a month ago.

HPG reported that Turkish army has deployed troops in Kelika Piçuk area between Kelika Mezin and Martyr Kendal areas at Heftanin border since September 8. Guerrilla forces carried out an attack on these emplacements at 13:00 on September 10, leaving one soldier dead and one other wounded. Turkish army shelled Derîyê Davetiya area after the action.

Guerrillas hit Hill Remo military post in Yüksekova district of Hakkari at between 15.30 – 16.30 on September 10 and Sikorsky type helicopters attempting to airdrop soldiers in Hill Çete military post at 05.45 on September 11, forcing the helicopters to retreat from the area.

Artillery emplacements of Oremar military post in Yüksekova district of Hakkari were hit by guerrillas at 08:00 on September 10, while the number of the casualties left by the action could not be clarified.

A counter team is covertly patrolling around Sexanıs village of Şırnak since September 8, while also conducting reconnaissance search in the field and laying ambushes around Mıjê and Sıving villages.


A series of assassination attacks were carried out by YJA Star guerrillas against Katmili military post in Midyat district of Mardin at 17.25 on September 10 as a response to the massacre in Cizre, leaving at least 3 soldiers dead.

Guerrillas carried out an action near the bus station in Nusaybin district of Mardin at 19:00 on September 10 in memory of Lokman Süne, who was killed in the town by state forces. An armoured vehicle was targeted in the action, which left two policemen inside dead and the vehicle completely destroyed.

One guerrilla by the name of Canşer Adar lost life one day after being wounded in a clash with Turkish soldiers participating in the operation that the Turkish army launched in the areas of Tılhesen, Karmute and Bagıte villages on September 4 following the action of the guerrillas against Şkefta military post in Batman on September 3. The operation was retreated on September 8.

The Governor of Stewre (Savur) district of Mardin has issued a decree forbidding the locals in the area to go out in the territories around the villages for 7 months.

A base station of a GSM operator was destroyed by guerrillas in Xabisa village of Silopi district of Şırnak at 12:30 on September 8.

One soldier was killed in an assassination action by guerrillas against Bermalê military post in Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak at 18:30 on September 10.

A Sikorsky type helicopter was hit and damaged by guerrillas while heading from the area of Sirya and Xargul military posts in Garisa district of Siirt to TRT Hill military post at 09:45 on September 11.

Three Sikorsky type helicopters delivered military equipment to Hill Zerga in Hani-Silvan-Kocaköy triangle in Amed at 07:00 on September 11.

An internet base station in Hasandınê of Pasûr (Kulp) district of Amed was destroyed in a sabotage action at 21:30 on September 9.


The operation launched by Turkish troops between Gêxî (Kıği) and Azarpêrt (Adaklı) areas of Bingöl on September 1 was retreated inconclusively on September 10. A wildfire that erupted during the operation still continues.

Guerrillas closed the road between Kığı district of Bingöl and Karakoçan district of Elazığ and informed the people about the process during ID checks at between 16.00-19.00 on September 10.


Three police were killed in an action carried out by guerrillas against the government office in Patnos district of Ağrı at 22:45 on September 10, after which clashes broke out between the guerrillas and police in the garden of the building. While guerrillas withdrew to their emplacements after the action, Turkish forces carried out reconnaissance flights over the area.

Four Cobra type helicopters supported by the coordination of Sikorsky type helicopters and a drone shelled Kırê Tutek area in Tendürek region of Ağrı at 19:30 on September 9, while 2 Cobra type helicopters shelled Gorde and Kırê Tutek at 10:00 one day later.

Turkish jets, meanwhile, shelled Gılidağ area and General Suat area at between 05.00 -07.00 on September 11, while Turkish troops closed the road from Bazid district of Ağrı to the villages of Kuli, İnegê and Kader Çavuş with 2 tanks, 4 armoured vehicles and one transit vehicle and deployed covert troops in the area.

Troops at Yolçatı military post in Dersim shelled Harçik, Zage, Malaxabat foothills and Zılgê areas with mortars and howitzers at between 12.30-15.00 on September 10. Wildfire erupted in the area as a result of the bombardment.

It has been confirmed that the chief police officer killed by guerrillas on Dersim-Erzincan road on September 8 was one of those who ordered the massacre in Ağrı a month ago.

The roads between Dersim – Ovacık and Dersim – Erzincan remain under control of guerrillas since August 17.

HPG Press Office shared the following ID details of the fallen guerrilla;

Nom de Guerre: Canşer Adar
Name-Surname: Serhıldan Yıldırım
Place of Birth: Mardin
Parent’s Names: Azime – Mehmet
Date and Place of Death: September 5, 2015 / Batman

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