Several Attempts for Terrorist Attacks by Daesh Repelled in Kobani Region

ROJAVA, Kobani
September 12, 2015

On September 11 near the town of Sarrin in Kobani region, suspected Daesh (ISIS) terrorists attempted to complete an attack on a number of positions secured by members of the People’s/Women’s Defense Units.

Around the village of Qulan in Sarin countryside, the terrorist elements who tried to infiltrate into controlled areas were heavily targeted by the Defense Units. After a minor engagement, the attackers left their vehicle and fled the rural region.

Similarly during last night, the Daesh terrorists advanced on surroundings of the village Qaraqozaq and fired on the Defense Units’ fighting positions from a long distance; eventually they withdrew from the place after an appropriate response from the Defense Units.

In east Ain Issa, the terrorists could make progress to the place near the village Hashea in another attempt to engage the Defense Units from far distances. Yet the attack was repulsed due to a quick response from the Defense Units who forced the assailants to flee the area.

September 10: Terrorist Activities Repelled Near Kobani and Gire Spi, Operation Conducted

KOBANI, Gire Spi
September 10, 2015

Last night in west of the city Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) in Kobani region, suspected Daesh (ISIS) terrorists attempted to complete an attack. The militants tried to infiltrate into the border village of Sirikkiran from the north, 18 kilometers western Gire Spi. After a quick response by members of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) who were on alert, the terrorists were panicked and ultimately forced to withdraw back to their situations.

KOBANI, Ain Issa – In east of the town Ain Issa, Kobani countryside, another attempt for attack was planned by a group of the Daesh terrorists. The Defense Units were able to swiftly repulse the attack near the village of Fatsa, 9 kilometers eastern Ain Issa. After a short term confrontation on this frontline the attackers were eventually forced to flee the area.

Members of a leftist revolutionary group, fighting alongside the People’s Defense Units, carried out an assault last night near the village of Gantari, located 35 kilometers to the east of the town Ain Issa. The operation targeted a unit of the Daesh terrorists that was preparing for attacks, killed 4 terrorist fighters.

People’s Defense Units – 2015 Press Office