YPG Official Accuses SNC of Supporting ISIS

Editorial Comment: It was inevitable this fact would eventually become clear to the YPG-YPJ. The SNC and FSA always supported ISIS. There is no “moderate” Syrian opposition.

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07 Sept 2015
ARA News

The official spokesman of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) accused the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) of supporting militants of the Islamic State (ISIS).

YPG spokesman Redur Xelil said in an official statement that the main Syrian opposition bloc of SNC has been providing a “political cover” to the terrorist attacks of ISIS on Kurdish areas in Rojava (northern Syria).

“SNC represents a political face for the ISIS terrorist group. The coalition and its Interim Government have been providing political and financial support to ISIS since the radical group swept into Rojava (Syria’s Kurdish region),” Xelil said.

“We are aware that the SNC is using the financial aid it receives from the West to support ISIS,” he added.

“U.S. and European powers must reconsider their relations with the Syrian National Coalition. This opposition bloc claims to back the aspirations of the Syrian people while it actually funds the terrorist group of ISIS. We have information and documents that prove SNC’s support to ISIS,” YPG’s official said.

Xelil said that the SNC-linked Interim Government has been funding several ISIS-held hospitals and provided them with equipments and medical supplies in the cities of Tel Brak and Tel Hamis in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah. He added that the SNC in cooperation with Turkey have supplied military equipment to the radical group in northern Aleppo.

“They have been supporting the terrorist group against the Kurdish forces for years,” he added.

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Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh