Syria in the Last 72 Hours

Three civilians killed in mortar attack on al-Abbasiyeen neighborhood in Damascus
3 September، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Three civilians were killed in a terrorist attack on al-Abbasiyeen neighborhood in Damascus on Thursday.

A source in the police command told SANA reporter that mortar shells fired by terrorists fell on al- Abbasiyeen area in Damascus, killing three.

Three civilians injured in a terrorist attack in ‪Quneitra‬ Countryside
Quneitra, SANA

Three civilians were injured on Thursday in a terrorist attack with rocket shells on Hadar village in the countryside of the southern Quneitra province.

A source at Quneitra Province told SANA reporter that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists targeted citizens’ houses in Hadar village with rocket shells as three civilians, from the same family including a child, sustained injuries of varying severity. The source added that the civilian house was completely destroyed in the terrorist attack which also caused a huge material damage in the neighboring houses.

On June 26th, terrorist organizations targeted Hadar village with mortar and rocket shells, leaving 4 civilians dead and injuring others.

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Army establishes full control over 20 building blocks in Zabadani, kills more terrorists across the country
3 September، 2015
Provinces, SANA

The army on Thursday continued to raid the terrorist organizations’ hideouts, positions and supply routes in many areas across the country, killing and injuring scores of their members and destroying their weaponry.

Damascus Countryside

Army establishes full control over 20 new building blocks in Zabadani

Army units, in cooperation with the Lebanese Resistance, continued their advance in al-Zabadani city in Damascus countryside and established control over 20 new building blocks near al-Nabou’ and Ein Himma, leaving dozens of terrorists dead and injured and destroying their weaponry and munitions, including a 23-mm machinegun, a military source told SANA on Thursday.

Furthermore, Some media outlets pointed out that establishing control on the surroundings of Al al-Bait Mosque at al-Adimeh street coincided with
establishing control over a number of building blocks in the vicinity of al-Rahma Mosque in al-Nabou’ , north of the city in addition to destroying a vehicle equipped with 23 mm machinegun.

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations acknowledged on the social media pages of killing a number of their members including, Hasan Qasem al-Teinawi.


In the countryside of the southern province of Daraa, an army unit killed a number of terrorists and injured others in a special operation against their hideouts and gatherings in the western neighborhood of Busra al-Sham
city to the southeast of Daraa city.

To the north of Daraa city, another army unit killed all members of terrorist group as it targeted their gatherings in Atman town.


The army units, aided by the popular defense groups, clashed on Wednesday night with armed terrorist groups, which attempted to infiltrate into Kroum al-Humriyeh in the village of Hadar and the western area of Khan Arnabeh town in the countryside of the southern province .

Field sources told SANA Thursday that the clashes resulted in the killing and injuring of a number of terrorist groups’ members, mostly from Jabhat al-Nusra, and the demolishing of their weapons and ammunition.

The sources added that army units carried out concentrated blows against terrorist organizations’ hideouts and movement axes in the villages of al-Hamidiyeh, al-Huriyeh and Ovania.

The army blows resulted in the killing and injuring of a number of terrorists and the destruction of their supply routes and a bulldozer.


In the coastal Lattakia province, an army unit eliminated a terrorist group of 19 members and destroyed their
ammunition and weapons in the surroundings of Burj al-Rahmaliyeh in Rabi’a area in the northern countryside of Lattakia, according to the military source.

SANA reporter quoted field sources as saying that another army unit killed two terrorists in the surroundings of Salma town while they were trying to pull dead bodies of their killed colleagues and their weapons.

The unit also clashed with a terrorist group in Zahiyeh Mountain, leaving two of its members dead and others injured, in addition to seizing their weapons and ammunition.


In the neighboring Idleb province, the Army’s air force carried out airstrikes against terrorists’ gatherings in Maaret al-Numan, Ihsim, the area surrounding Ariyha, Kafr awid, Maarata, Kansfra, Jisr al-Shougor, Bismas, Jozf, frika al-Mastoma and al-Ziadia in the southern countryside of Idleb.

The airstrikes caused the destruction of terrorists’ vehicles and ammunition in addition to the killing of many terrorists.

The Army’s airstrikes also targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Abu al-Dohour, Um Jrin, al-Majas, Tal Salmo, al-Tiraa and Sarakib in the southeast countryside of Idleb, killing many terrorists.

To the northeast of Idleb city, many terrorists were killed or injured during army’s airstrikes against their hideouts and gatherings in Ram Hamdan, al-Soagia and Binsh.

Army units targeted gatherings and dens of “Jabaht al-Nusra” in Kansafra, Maaret al-Numan city, Sfohn, Tramla and Kafr Zita.

The operations resulted in the destruction of terrorists’ den, killing more than 18 terrorists and injuring 15 others. Khaled al-Abboud, a leader of a terrorist group, and Mohamed al-Jamal were identified among the dead.


Army units inflicted heavy losses upon ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Aleppo.

In the eastern countryside of Aleppo, the forces defending the Air Force Academy clashed with terrorists from ISIS organization in the area surrounding the academy, according to a military source.

The clashes resulted in killing a number of terrorists and destroying vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns.

In the western countryside of Aleppo, army units targeted with artillery the supply lines of Takfiri terrorist organizations, inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called al-Jabha al-Shamiya.

The terrorists suffered the heaviest losses in Injara town and Daret Aza city 30 kilometers to the west of Aleppo.


The army’s air force targeted gatherings of terrorists from “Jaish al-Fateh” in al-Mansoura, al-Ziyara, al-Inkawi, Qastoun, al-Hwash, al-Amkia, al-Kahira and Shahshabo Mountain in Hama countryside, destroying their dens and vehicles.

The Army also launched two airstrikes against terrorists’ hideouts in al-Latamina and Kafr Zita, killing many terrorists, injuring many others and destroying their weapons.

An army unit eliminated 3 members of “Jaish al-Fatah” in the eastern part of al-Ghab plain.
Ahmad al-Rayan and Majid Abu Ramadan were among them.

An army unit in cooperation with popular defense groups had clashed with a terrorist group in Jbibat al-Assi village, killing many terrorists and inuring many others.


Army units carried out special operations against ISIS dens in the surroundings of Jazal, al-Bayarat, Wadi Abyad and Jabal al-Tar, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles, some of them equipped with heavy machine-gun.

An army unit also struck gatherings of ISIS terrorists in the surrounding of al-Qaryatin to the East of Homs.

In Homs northern countryside, the army units destroyed dens of terrorists near al-Msherfeh town in Talbeisa to the north of Homs, killing several terrorists.

Legal status of 191 wanted persons settled in Hasaka
3 September، 2015
‪#‎Hasaka‬, SANA

The legal status of 191 wanted persons from Hasaka province was settled on Thursday after they turned themselves in to the authorities, SANA reporter in Hasaka said on Thursday.

On August 22th, the legal status of 117 wanted persons from Damascus and its countryside was settled after they turned themselves in to authorities.

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15 civilians killed, scores injured in terrorist car bomb and mortar attacks in Lattakia and Damascus
2 September، 2015
Lattakia/Damascus, SANA

10 civilians were killed and 25 were injured in a terrorist car bomb attack which took place at the outskirts of Lattakia city on Wednesday.

A source at the province told SANA that terrorists detonated a white van loaded with large amounts of explosives that was parked in front of Imad Ali School at al-Hamam Square at the outskirts of Lattakia, claiming the lives of 10 civilians, injuring 25 others, and causing material damage to homes, cars, and private properties.

On Tuesday evening, the authorities managed to dismantle two car bombs that terrorists were trying to sneak into Lattakia city and arrested members of the terrorist group responsible for rigging the two cars with explosives.

Terrorist organizations suffer more casualties and material losses during army operations
2 September، 2015
Provinces, SANA

The army units killed more terrorists as they carried out operations against their hideouts and movements in different areas on Wednesday, with the army air force also inflicting heavy casualties and material losses upon the terrorist organizations.

Damascus countryside

The army eliminated hideouts of terrorist organizations in a number of buildings in the surrounding of al-Silan roundabout and axes of roads leading to it.

The army operations ended up with confiscating weapons and ammunition left by terrorists before they fleeing towards al-Mahata in the center of the city.

Meanwhile, field source told SANA reporter that the army units, in cooperation with the resistance, achieved new progress in hunting terrorists from al-Jisr square and electricity roundabout into al-Mahata.

The sources added some terrorists were killed, among them Mohammad Za’arourah and Abdul-Hamid Darsani.


The army’s air force carried out airstrikes against dens and positions of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Jaish al-Fateh” in the countryside of the northern province of Idleb and the neighboring Hama province,

In the northeastern countryside of Idleb, gatherings of terrorists and their hideouts were targeted in a series of intensive army airstrikes in Binnish town.

A number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed and their machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed in airstrikes on their positions in Maarata, Khan Sheikhoun, Mhambel and Ariha in the southern countryside.

The army air force also destroyed Jabhat al-Nusra positions in Tal Salmo, al-Khsheir, al-Mitalle and al-Hamidiyeh to the southeast of Idleb City.

In the southwestern countryside, army airstrikes killed many terrorists in Jisr al-Shughour and Ishtabraq, in addition to destroying their vehicles and equipment.


Army units carried out special operations against dens and gatherings of ISIS terrorists in al-Baseri and north of al-Qaryateen city on the outskirts of Syrian Badiyah to the East of Homs.

The operations ended up with the killing and injuring of a number of the terrorists and destruction of their vehicles, some of them, equipped with heavy machine-guns.

The army also killed several terrorists in Jazal and Jbab Hamad in Tadmur countryside.

Meanwhile, units of the army smashed dens of ISIS terrorists in Habra al-Sharkiya and al-Gharbiya and Msherfeh in the Eastern countryside, inflicting them heavy losses in personnel and equipment.


In the neighboring Hama province, terrorists’ positions were targeted in Qleidin, Daqman and al-Zaqqoum in the northwestern countryside, with a number of them getting killed and their vehicles destroyed.


The army destroyed an armored vehicle and a truck for ISIS terrorists in the surrounding of the air force academy in Aleppo eastern countryside.

An army unit targeted movements and dens of terrorist organizations in the surroundings of the Air Force Academy and al-Nairab Airport in the eastern countryside of the northern Aleppo province.

The operations left many terrorists dead, in addition to destroying their weapons and ammunition, according to the source.

In the northwestern countryside of the province, an army unit killed many Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in a military operation against their dens in the towns of Bianoun and Hreitan.

Army operations also targeted terrorists in many neighborhoods in Aleppo city, including al-Rashidin, al-Lairamoun, Bani Zaid, Bustan al-Basha and Suleiman al-Halabi, where many terrorists were killed and their weapons and ammunition were destroyed.


In the southern region, an army unit killed all members of a terrorist group who attempted to infiltrate from the southeastern side of al-Thalaa Airport and destroyed a truck with terrorists on board in the countryside of Sweida province.

In Shaghaf village to the south-eastern edge of al-Sweida, the army destroyed 4 vehicles for terrorists and killed all of them onboard.


Army units destroyed a weapons cache, a rocket launching pad and a car equipped with a rocket launcher, in addition to killing a number of terrorists, in the villages of Shirin, al-Hilweh, al-Rawda and Dweirshan in the northern countryside of the coastal Lattakia province.

Army inflicts casualties upon terrorists from ISIS and Jaish al-Fateh
1 September، 2015
Provinces, SANA

The army inflicted heavy casualties upon terrorist organizations, including from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the so-called “Jaish al-Fateh” in the course of continued military operations against their positions.

Damascus countryside

An army unit destroyed a depot for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in Madiara village in Eastern al-Ghouta in Damascus countryside and killed a number of terrorists, field sources told SANA reporter on Tuesday.

The army targeted hideouts of the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” terrorist organization in the farms of Hammorya village and killed many terrorists.

In Erbin town, the army killed a number of “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists including Moroccan al-Hadi al-Baraka, Lebanese Mahfouz Ja’ara and other terrorists, destroying 4 vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

Meanwhile, the army and the Lebanese Resistance killed three terrorist organizations’ leaders in al-Zabadani city, 45 km northwest of Damascus city .


At least 64 terrorists from the so-called “Jaish al-Fateh” were killed during army operations in the surroundings of al-Fouaa town and other areas in the northern Idleb province.

A military source told SANA that the army air force carried out intensive airstrikes against gatherings of terrorists and their hideouts in the towns of al-Sawaghiyeh, Binnish, Kelli, Zardana and in the surrounding of al-Fouaa town in the northeastern countryside of the province.

The source stressed that several vehicles and mortar launchers were destroyed during the operations, while field sources said at least 12 terrorists were killed in the airstrikes, including Ali al-Zaarour.

In the southern countryside, dozens of terrorists from “Jaish al-Fateh” were killed or injured as the army targeted their gatherings in Maarata, Kirsaa, Maarshorin, Maarat al-Numan, al-Muzara, Basamis, Khan Sheikhoun and Mahambal.

Large number of vehicles loaded with ammunition and weaponry and vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns were destroyed in the process.

The sources added also told SANA that a Yemeni terrorist nicknamed Abu al-Laith, and Alaa al-Hussein, a leader within Jabhat al-Nusra, were killed during an army operation in the northeastern side of al-Ghab Plain.

A hideout of terrorist groups’ leaders was destroyed in Khan al-Subul in Ariha during an army operation last night, that also left more than 50 terrorists killed and 70 others injured.

Scores of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed and their vehicles were destroyed in army airstrikes in al-Mouzara, Maaret al-Nouman, Khan Sheikhoun, Abu al-Duhour, Qarqour and Kinsafra in the countryside.


In the neighboring Hama province, army units killed terrorists from “Jaish al-Fateh” in Tal Zajram, al-Inkawi, al-Ziara and al-Mansoura in Hama countryside.


In the coastal province of Lattakia, the army’s air force launched airstrikes against positions and supply routes of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Wadi Bassour village in Kinsabba area.

Scores of terrorists were killed in the airstrikes, including an “Emir” within Jabhat al-Nusra from Saudi Arabia, in addition to three Turkish terrorists.

The source added that an army unit killed all members of a terrorist group and destroyed a BMP vehicle, four heavy machineguns and a cannon in Jib al-Ahmar village near the border with Hama province.


An army unit carried out on Tuesday morning an operation against a terrorist group affiliated to ISIS in al-Qasr village in northeastern Sweida province.

All the terrorist group’s members were killed during the operation and their weapons were destroyed.


In the same context, army airstrikes killed a number of ISIS terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in al-Qaryatain town on the outskirts of al-Badiya (desert) area in the eastern Homs province.

More ISIS terrorists were killed and others were injured in airstrikes against their gatherings in the villages of Um al-Rish, al-Sultaniyeh, Rasm al-Arnab and al-Tweini in Jib al-Jarrah area.

In the province’s northern countryside, army units carried out a series of operations targeting terrorists’ concentrations in al-Rastan city, inflicting heavy losses in personnel and equipment on the terrorists.


The Syrian Arab Army’s Air Force targeted gatherings of ISIS terrorist organization in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province, a military source told SANA on Tuesday.

The air strikes resulted in killing a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles, some of them were equipped with machineguns, the source added.