Saudi Arabia’s Long History of Sponsoring Terrorism : Kuwait Massacre a Sample

Local Editor
The so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) takfiri group posted on its online accounts on social networks on Monday a video footage containing a voice record belonging to its operative who carried out the attack on Imam Sadeq (AS) mosque in the Kuwaiti capital on Friday.

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry declared on Sunday that the terrorist is a Saudi national who exploded himself hours after arriving in the country.

The terrorist, identified as Fahed Suleiman al-Qabbaa, stormed the mosque during Friday’s prayers and blew himself up among the worshippers.

The Saudi Interior Ministry couldn’t find a way to deny the nationality of Qabbaa, and said in a statement that he left Saudi Arabia towards Bahrain, and then he headed to Kuwait to carry out his terrorist task.

However, this attack was not the first proof of the Saudi role in supporting and funding terrorism. The Kuwait massacre coincided with pressure exerted by several US congressmen on President Barack Obama’s administration to declassify 30 additional papers of the report submitted by the Congress Special Committee to investigate the September 11 attacks.

Documents revealed by the British daily The Telegraph about the report showed that the Saudi Arabia was the main financier of the 9/11 attacks.

Moreover, the Saudi kingdom played a major role in occupying Iraq in 2003, the fact which was recently unfolded by US and Saudi officials, who confirmed that Riyadh allowed the coordination of aerial strikes on Iraq from three Saudi bases: Prince Sultan base, Tabook base, and Ara’r airport.

Officials also said that the Saudis had agreed on firing cruise missiles on Iraq from US warships across the Saudi airspace.

In addition to that, terrorist groups that emerged in the wake of US occupation of Iraq were proved to be sponsored and funded by the Saudi Arabia and other regional states.

Lebanon was not spared from the Saudi terrorism as well. In June 2014, a Saudi suicide bomber blew himself up in Beirut and the Lebanese security forces arrested two other Saudi nationals who confessed to their involvement in planning for terrorist attacks that targeted Beirut’s southern suburbs –  aka Dahiyeh.

The Saudi terrorist Majed al-Majed, an emir of Abdullah Azzam Brigades terrorist group, was arrested in Beirut. He died shortly after his detention.

Azzam Brigades claimed most of the terrorist attacks in Lebanon, not to mention several other suicide blasts that were carried out by terrorists who belonged to organizations sponsored by the Saudi intelligence services.

An ISIL Saudi suicide bomber stormed the Imam Sadeq (AS) Mosque in Kuwait on Friday and blew himself up, killing 25 worshippers and injuring 202 others.

Source: Al-Manar Website