Syrian Arab Army Statement on the Situation with the Kurdish Fighters

The following statement from the Syrian Army regarding attacks from “Kurdish fighters”

We kept quite about the situation in al-Hasaka for many reasons.  There are two types of Syrian Kurdish militias; the ones that are working hand in hand with the Syrian military forces in that region, that the Syrian military helped arm  and train and other, new militants who a few days ago attacked Syrian NDF checkpoints, and captured a number of soldiers.

It looks like the card of terrorism is expired, and the West is trying to play a different one, especially after the Western high officials visits to al-Hasakea last month. However, the Syrian command will not allow the situation to escalate, after all the Kurd militias are no different than the tribes fighting along side SAA in Deir al-Zor. The situation, although fragile, is under control.

Syrian Arab Army