Jordan confirms warplane crash in Raqqa, ISIS capture of the pilot

Jordanian pilot-ISIS-Raqqa

Amman, SANA – An official source at the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces confirmed on Wednesday that one of its warplanes crashed near Raqqa city in northeastern Syria.

The source, quoted by Jordan News Agency (Petra), said the pilot was captured and held captive by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization.

The Royal Jordanian Air Force plane, the source noted, was among other warplanes on a military mission against ISIS dens in Raqqa area in Syria Wednesday morning where it crashed, adding that the pilot, who is named Muaz al-Kasasbeh, “was held hostage by ISIS.”

The Jordanian source held ISIS organization and the parties supporting it responsible for the pilot’s safety.

Earlier today, ISIS posted on its social media pages photos of a pilot it claimed to be the Jordanian Muaz al-Kasasbeh surrounded by a number of ISIS members.

Manar al-Frieh/Haifa Said

A coalition jet was downed in al-Raqa by ISIS, the pilot was captured alive. The jet believed to be a Jordanian F-16.

ISIS got the anti air missile when they were considered “moderate” by the west and the Gulf States, this is one of their actions backfired at them.

Further details about the pilot will be published when available.

We might disagree with the coalition, but we agree on fighting terrorism, and what happened was a tragic incident. We are awaiting Syrian official statement regarding the incident.

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