Denial of government’s support to Syrian Kurds does not change the fact nor the government’s attitude

Damascus, SANA

A media source stressed on Sunday that the support which the Syrian government has provided to the Syrian Kurds against the terrorist organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is known, documented and comprehensive.

The stress came in response to “some Syrian Kurdish figures who deny that the Syrian government offered support to the Syrian Kurds in their efforts to confront ISIS.”

This denial, the source said, “doesn’t alter the truth or the fact, nor does it change the essence of the Syrian government’s attitude which primarily stems from its national commitments toward our people all over Syria.”

Affirming the comprehensiveness of the support provided by the government to the Syrian Kurds, the source said it has included direct and indirect military assistance.

“Whether some denied or acknowledged it, were satisfied with it or not, this attitude [of the Syrian government] will remain so,” the media source said.

It went on saying that what some Syrian Kurdish figures are putting forth “will be to no avail in light of the adherence of our people of the Syrian Kurds to national unity and the state’s sovereignty and their rejection of foreign dictates.”

The principle of rejecting foreign intervention in the domestic affair, the source added, should be one and the same, stressing that “those who reject the Turkish intervention must alike reject any other form of intervention.”