Declaration of the Turkish Communist Party on Kobane, ISIS and Imperialism

Communist Party of Turkey
Thursday, 09 October 2014


The AKP, IS and Imperialism must be stopped
The Communist Party of Turkey strongly condemns the policy that aims at keeping the threat of massacre alive over the Kurdish people in Kobane, the civilian and official fascist attacks against solidarity demonstrations in several cities of Turkey, the imperialist assault carried out by using IS, Free Syrian Army and other similar terrorist organizations. We call on our people to raise the following demands against this blood game staged by the AKP government together with the US and other reactionary forces.

1. The hostile policies adopted against Syria must me ceased.

2. All kinds of assistance given to those forces of “opposition” in Syria must be stopped immediately.

3. The present situation, which is a violation of the sovereign rights of Syria and paves the way for IS, must be terminated.

4. In the context of the struggle against IS, the Free Syrian Army and similar organizations, the world must collaborate with the Syrian government. The plans and demands for excluding Damascus from the struggle against IS must be abandoned.

5. All demands of the Ankara government that are targeting at the sovereignty of Syria (including forming security and no-flight zones in Syria and supplying training and equipment to the so-called moderate opposition) must be withdrawn. The governments must be forced to retreat from being partners of an international coalition, which has been formed in reality not against IS but Syria.

6. The volunteers, who want to cross the border into Kobane, must be allowed.

7. Plans to carry out cross border military incursions must be abandoned.

8. The curfews declared in six cities of Turkey as of today must be revoked.

9. Investigation must start against the aggressors, who caused the death of the protestors in the demonstrations held in several cities.

10. The reactionary educational practices, which help IS and similar organizations in recruiting people and gain social support base, must be abandoned.

11. The reactionary religious organizations, which functions as a support base to IS and similar terrorist organizations, must be dissolved.


In Kobanê, humanity is resisting against the barbarity that imperialists have brought back from the dumpster of history. These ferocious, murderous jihadists, backed by their imperialist masters, are not only assaulting Kobanê or Aleppo but the whole of humanity’s universal values.

The attack against Kobanê show once again the ugly, brutal face of reactionary forces. Along with the Islamic State, the President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and their government of war who use the IS terror in Kobanê to blackmail the Kurdish people will be equally responsible for any potential massacre in Kobanê. 

ISIL and AKP are two imperialist subcontractors with different masks on. They serve the same purpose. Their main mission is to wipe away all the progressive gains in our country and the region and to establish a foundation for the imperialist plans to reshape the region.

Islamic State is a barbarous organization which has committed crimes against humanity. Equally, AKP government of Turkey has also committed crimes against humanity time after time, they have the blood of the people of the region on their hands.

ISIL and AKP are not two separate entities. AKP government has supported, funded and fostered Islamic State.

It is peace, equality and freedom that the peoples of the Middle East are in dire need of, not the lies and plans of imperialists and their clients in the region. The path to the peace in the Middle East goes through the struggle against imperialism and its subcontractors under different masks.

It will be the people in the region unifying their struggle against imperialism that will establish that peace. It is also this unified struggle that will destroy the jihadist terrorists, as well as all other imperialist subcontractors.

The peace in the Middle East can be established on the basis of the priorities of the people, not the priorities of international monopolies.

With our full belief that the flag of equality and freedom will ultimately be waving in the region, we are calling on all our people to the struggle for the construction of a Middle East where all peoples will be living in peace.

Long live Kobanê resistance! Bijî berxwedana Kobanê!
Long live the brotherhood of the people!
Long live socialism!