Israel Delivers Exile Order to Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar

Comrade Jarrar ordered expelled to Jericho by Zionist occupation forces

khalida-jarrar-270910The Ramallah home of Comrade Khalida Jarrar, leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, longtime advocate for Palestinian political prisoners, and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, was raided by occupation soldiers early Wednesday morning, August 20, where she was handed a “special supervision order,” ordering her forced transfer to Jericho within 24 hours.

The order had been issued by an occupation military court and occupation soldiers attempted to compel Jarrar to sign the document, which was written in Hebrew and read aloud in Arabic, stating that the occupation military court was ordering her forced transfer to Jericho due to Zionist intelligence services, accompanied by a map of the Jericho city limits.

Jarrar said that the Zionist occupation is committing ongoing crimes against our people, the killing of children, women, men and elders in Gaza, the new series of home demolitions by military orders in the West Bank, the massive increase in the number of administrative detainees in prisons, and these orders of forced transfer and ‘special supervision’ indicate that the occupation wants to suppress the voice of the people against the people and in support of the Palestinian resistance. However, she said, there is no choice but for the occupier to accede to the terms of the Palestinian people and the demands of the resistance.

A solidarity sit-in is planned at Jarrar’s home in Ramallah at 6:00 pm, Wednesday August 20. The Abu Ali Mustafa Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council issued a statement in support of Jarrar, saluting her refusal of the “illegal, inhumane and unjust order by the forces of Zionist aggression.”

We, in the Abu Ali Mustafa parliamentary bloc, condemn the Zionist aggression against the rights and freedom of our colleague Khalida, and against our national rights, and emphasize the following points:

First, this crime is part of the comprehensive Zionist aggression on our people: the bombing and destruction of homes over the heads of our people in the Gaza Strip, the firing of live ammunition and rubber coated metal bullets on our people in Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank, and pursuing the symbols of our people and their leadership figures and representatives with all forms of persecution and aggression.

Second, we stand with our colleague Khalida Jarrar in rejecting this order from the Zionist forces, and we reserve the right to practice all forms of action and resistance to reject this action.

Third, we will stand up with our colleague, MP Khalida Jarrar, and will continue carrying the banner of our nation, our people, and our national and human rights, and we will not be deterred or intimidated by all of the crimes and aggression of the enemy. We assure our people that we will remain loyal to the people, their sacrifices and our national cause, and we will exercise our struggle to achieve freedom for our people at all atimes and places.

Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine

Hamas: Israel’s exile of female MP Jarrar an “insult” to PA
[ 23/08/2014 – 01:10 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Member of Hamas political bureau Ezzet al-Reshq dubbed Israel’s recent decision to banish Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar, a new “affront” to the Palestinian authority (PA).

In facebook remarks, Resheq expressed his Movement’s condemnation of the Israeli measure against MP Jarrar, asserting that the agreements signed between the PA and the Israeli occupation proved of no use.

“No solution or salvation for our people before the occupation comes to an end completely,” the Hamas official underlined.

MP Jarrar, from the popular front, was handed her exile order a few days ago during a police raid on her house in Ramallah, but she declared her intention not to comply with the decision.