Judicial committee investigating massacre in Hama province issues final report

Hama Massacre 4

Damascus, SANA – The judicial committee formed to investigate the massacre committed by terrorists in the village of Khattab in Hama province on July 8th finished its investigations and issued its final report on Sunday.

The report concluded that an armed terrorist group consisting of around 200 terrorists using cars and motorbikes entered the village of Khattab on July 8th 2014 after cutting off electric power from it, opening fire on local and taking 14 people hostage.

The hostages, 8 women, 4 men, and 2 military personnel, were taken by the terrorists to the village square and were shot dead, and some of them were also beheaded.

The report also states that the terrorists robbed houses in the villages, stealing money, jewelry, cars, and motorbikes, and also burned a number of houses.

The committee said that investigations, autopsies, and testimonies of survivals have led to identifying six of the perpetrators who were from the same village and who took part in the attack and facilitated.

The six are Mahmoud Mohammad al-Zhouri, Abdelmajid Ahmad Ali, Ahmad Fares Khafif, Mohammad Abdelghani al-Mahmoud, Hayyan Radwan al-Akhras, and Wael Abdelrahman al-Ismael.

H. Sabbagh