Gatilov: Russia will not accept UNSC draft resolution on Syria if it included use of force or sanctions


Moscow, SANA, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov, said that Moscow will not accept a UN Security Council draft resolution regarding the humanitarian situation in Syria if it includes any reference to imposing sanctions or using force.

Gatilov said, on the sideline of Russia’s ambassadors and permanent representatives meeting in Moscow, that Russia has red lines regarding the resolution’s text, adding that any resolution will be unacceptable if it contains any reference to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter which indicates to the possibility of using force if any obstruction impeded the implementation of the humanitarian resolution.

He added that Moscow will not prevent the adoption of any resolution which aims at easing the Syrians’ suffering and help deliver the humanitarian aid to the people in need, pointing out that external partners of Russia know the basic points that Moscow totally rejects.

In another context, Gatilov said that no round of negotiations could be held between the Syrian government and “Opposition” unless a new mediator is assigned.

He stressed that the person proposed for the mediator post should be well-known and professional.

B. Mousa/ F.Allafi