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Press Conference the UN Doesn’t Want You To See

18 Jun 2014 – Speakers: H.E. Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic, along with a group of US observers (Paul Larudee, Joe Losbaker, Judy Bello, Scott Williams and Jane Stilwater), who monitored the Syrian presidential elections.

Yesterday at 11am, the Syrian Mission to the United Nations convened a press conference featuring people from the US who observed the recent elections.

Five minutes into the opening comments of Syrian Ambassador Bashar Al-Jaafari, the UN webcast cut off. The thousands of journalists, political analysts, and others who view UN webcasts each day from all over the world were denied the ability to watch the press conference, and hear what was said.

This is not the first time this has happened when Bashar Jaafari is speaking. This occurred on June 7th earlier this year, and on numerous occasions throughout 2013.  Reporters at Inner City Press reported that this is not accidental, but was ordered by Michele DuBach, Acting Deputy Director-News & Media Operations.
This comes in the context of other UN harassment of Syria. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has met with Ahmad Jarba, a leader of violent insurgent groups in Syria, but has refused to meet with Bashar Jaafari. Though Syria pays over $1 million to the UN each year, it is not being treated as an equal member state.

Click the link below to watch the important, UN Press Conference about Syria, that someone obviously doesn’t want you, or anyone else, to see:

Al-Jaafari: Pluralism approached in presidential elections main axis of democracy
Jun 19, 2014
New York, (SANA)
Syrian Arab News Agency SANA's photo.
Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari held Wednesday a joint press conference with the U.S. team that covered the presidential elections process in Syria held on 3rd of the current month.

Dr. al-Jaafari said that the elections took into account the international criteria and the principle of pluralism, which has not been witnessed since 1960’s of the past century, pointing out that pluralism is considered according to the western standards as the main axis of democracy.

Judy Bello, a writer and antiwar activist from Upstate New York city talked about her participation in covering the presidential elections with the aim of getting deep knowledge about the impact of the war backed by the West on Syria, hailing the great response of the Syrians to the event.

She considered that the high turnout of voters inside and outside Syria has directed a strong message by the Syrian people to the world where they expressed their loyalty to their country and government, which is protecting them now.

For his part, Joe Losbaker, an antiwar activist from Chicago clarified that the Syrian people are inspired and they are steadfast in the face of war that has been caused by the USA and its allies.
Meeting some Syrian students, Losbaker said he grasped their conviction that the Syrian people will rebuild their country all over again.

Paul Larudee, a former state consultant from north California, said that he covered the elections in Homs province, which has witnessed a high turnout, despite all threats and attacks launched by “the armed opposition”.

Jane Stillwater, a freelancer and war correspondent during the U.S. invasion to Iraq, said that she covered the elections in the southern province of Sweida, pointing out that there was a feeling of security enough for holding elections.

International Action Center activist Scott Williams said that he covered the elections in the country, visiting a number of polling centers in Sweida.

He described the elections as an expression of the free will of the Syrian people unlike the fake elections held in the region and in the west, adding that the high turnout of voters reached 73% and that proves how millions of Syrians want peace, democracy and sovereignty.