Batches of Militants Leave Old Homs, Terrorist Groups Violate Accord in Aleppo

Batches of Militants Leave Old Homs, Terrorist Groups Violate Accord in Aleppo
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Around 1000 militants were moved from Old Homs to the area of al-Dar al-Kabira while the militant groups in Aleppo shelled the aiHoms evacuationsd convoy which was heading to the towns of Nubbul and al-Zahraa, violating a basict article in Homs agreement.

In accordance with Homs agreement, 47 abductees were released by the militant groups in Aleppo.

Militants had begun leaving the Old City of Homs Wednesday morning under supervision of UN delegation and the Syrian government’s reconciliation committee, Al-Manar TV learned.

“Militants are gathered in the pre-identified points and the first batch of them got into two buses,” sources told Al-Manar. Homs governor, UN delegation and the reconciliation committee arrived to the supervision room to monitor the implementation of Homs deal.

Militants will be allowed to withdraw with light weapons, and one rocket launcher will be permitted on every bus used for the evacuation.

On Tuesday, UN workers cleared the roads to be used in the evacuation of landmines in preparation for the withdrawal.

The evacuated areas will be turned over to the government, which will then have control of all but one major area of Homs, once dubbed the “capital of the revolution”.

The city is strategically important as it connects government strongholds along the western coast with the capital, Damascus.

In a context related to the agreement, sources pointed out that the roads leading to besieged Nubbol and Zahraa towns were supposed to be opened in order paving the way for the entry of aids, yet the militant groups’ violation halted the process.


Source: Al Manar TV


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