Syria False Flag and the Sarin Deception

By Kevin Barrett
Press TV

America’s leading mainstream investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, has just published a second article in the London Review of Books exposing last August’s al-Ghouta chemical weapons attack as a false flag provocation.

The Red Line and the Rat Line: Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian Rebels

Hersh’s new article, entitled “The Red Line and the Rat Line,” builds on his earlier article “Whose Sarin?” In the two articles, Hersh provides evidence that top US officials knew that the al-Ghouta chemical weapons attack was a false flag just days after it happened – and that President Obama canceled his plan to bomb Syria because British Intelligence informed him that “the gas used didn’t match the batches known to exist in the Syrian army’s chemical weapons arsenal.” Instead, Hersh shows, the attack was conducted by the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front with help from elements of Turkish and Saudi intelligence. And Obama knew it. He decided that it wasn’t worth bombing Syria, in case the whole thing ended in disaster and the false flag got publicly exposed.

If you were getting your news from Press TV last August, you already knew that.

But Western governments and their lapdog corporate media have continued to peddle the lie that the Syrian government was responsible for the sarin atrocity at al-Ghouta. In reality, the attack was conducted by the enemies of the Syrian government. It was designed to deceive the world into bombing Syria. And it almost worked.

Seymour Hersh has confirmed that the alternative media got al-Ghouta right.

The false flag atrocity at al-Ghouta killed an unknown number of people. It was designed to trigger an escalation of the war in Syria that could have killed millions more.

This atrocity appears to have been conducted by agents of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, with the possible connivance of the US and Israel.

Obviously the mass murder of Syrian civilians with WMD is a war crime of the first magnitude. If it was carried out by agents of governments, as appears to be the case, those responsible should be brought to justice.

Back in August, when the whole Western world was screaming for the head of Bashar al-Assad, the prospect of an international investigation followed by war crimes trials was on everyone’s lips. But now that Seymour Hersh has confirmed the obvious – that Assad didn’t do it, his enemies did – not a single Western government or major Western mainstream media outlet has called for the real perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Apparently it’s okay to sneak into someone else’s country, mass-murder innocent people with WMD, and try to blame it on the president of the country.

Impunity for the real perpetrators of the al-Ghouta false flag atrocity makes a mockery of international law. It also makes a mockery of the Western mainstream media’s narrative about what is going on in the world.

Now that Seymour Hersh has definitively shown that Western governments and media have been lying through their teeth about the sarin attack at al-Ghouta, we must ask ourselves: What else are they lying about? Is it possible – even likely – that Western governments know what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? Were the sniper attacks at Maidan Square false-flags by Euromaidan forces designed to be blamed on President Yanukovych? Is the whole “war on terror” a gigantic hoax, and the atrocities that spawned it a series of false flag attacks by those who have profited from it?

Hersh’s revelation that Erdogan’s Turkish government was deeply involved in the al-Ghouta attack comes on the heels of last week’s exposure of a more recent Turkish false flag plot. A leaked tape, posted on Youtube, revealed that top Turkish leaders plotted to attack their own country to create a pretext for invading Syria.

These false-flag plots are crimes against humanity. The mass murder of innocent people is bad enough. But when the mass murders are deceptions designed to launch wars that will kill even larger numbers of people, they are even more despicable.

If World War III breaks out and destroys civilization – God forbid – it will almost certainly result from a false flag plot.

Most wars begin with a false flag or engineered war trigger event. Every major war in US history since the Mexican War of 1846, which was triggered by a fake “Mexican attack on the US” that never happened, has been launched by one or more false flag style deceptions. Nazi war criminal Hermann Goring explained why: “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

Two engineered deceptions – the fake Zimmerman telegram, and the intentional sacrifice of the Lusitania – brought the US into World War I. The Roosevelt Administration’s Eight-Point Plan, designed to force the Japanese to strike first, orchestrated US entry into World War II – a war that was launched by Hitler’s false flag operation at Gleiwitz. (Hitler came to power in the first place due to a false flag attack on the German Reichstag.)

Today, we are at a historical turning point. The false flag operation at al-Ghouta failed; it was exposed by honest intelligence agents and the alternative media. We avoided the wider Mideast war, and possible World War III, that might have resulted had the al-Ghouta deception succeeded.

But unless we rise up and demand war crimes prosecutions, the perpetrators of the al-Ghouta operation, and others like them, will continue to mass murder innocent people in attacks designed to be blamed on their enemies to trigger disastrous wars. Exposing false flag operations to the fullest possible extent could be the salvation of humanity; while failing to do so could sound the death knell of our species.

We must vigorously demand that the culprits of al-Ghouta, who have been so completely exposed by the alternative media and now by Seymour Hersh, must be prosecuted and punished, in order to put the fear of God into those who would consider perpetrating such deceptions in the future.