Thousands rally in Turkey in support of Syrian people

Thousands rally in Turkey in support of Syrian people

Mar 23, 2014


Antakya, (SANA) Thousands of Turkish citizens gathered Sunday in the Turkish city of Samandag in support of the Syrian people in the war against terrorism.

Participants in the rally, which was organized by the Turkish Workers Party, affirmed that “the Syrians are not alone in the confrontation with the armed terrorist groups that are committing appalling crimes against them.”

They said that the Turkish people will not remain silent over the atrocious acts in Syria and that “Erdogan will not get away with his crimes.”

The participants vented anger at the US, demanding it expelled from the Middle East, and lashed out at Erdogan whom they labeled a “killer.”

Turkish public fury over Erdogan’s policies is building up for his involvement, along with his party’s officials, government and family in scandalous corruption files, as leaked wiretaps have incriminated him of corruption, leaving his reputation in tatters.

M. Ismael