Terrorist attacks in Damascus Countryside, Homs claim lives of 9 civilians

Mar 20, 2014

Damascus Countryside, (SANA) One citizen and three children were killed Thursday while  many others injured as terrorists fired locally-made shells on a residential neighborhood in Qudsaya town and Harasta Suburb in Damascus countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that three shells fell on the citizens’ houses in Qudsaya, claiming lives of one citizen and three children and the injury of many others, mostly children, in addition to heavy material damage to properties.

The source added that another shell fell on Harasta Suburb’s roundabout, injuring four citizens.

Terrorist attack claims life of citizen In Kiswa

Terrorists detonated  an explosive device on al-Kiswa-Deir Ali road in Damascus Countryside, claiming the life of a citizen and injuring 3 others.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that an explosive device, planted by terrorists on the main road of al-Kiswa- Deir Ali, went off, calming the life of a citizen and injuring 3 others.

Terrorist attack claims lives of 4 citizens, injures 19 others in Homs

Terrorists fired a rocket shell on the makeshift center at Yasein Farajani School in Karm al-Shami neighborhood in Homs, claiming lives of 4 citizens and injuring 19 others.

A source in Homs city told SANA that another shell fell on Na’mo oil station in al-Einsha’at neighborhood, causing huge fire in the place.

The source added that two other shells landed near al-Razi Hospital and al-Safer Hotel, causing material damages to the places.  

F.Allafi/ B. Mousa/ Mazen