Rallies of Support for the Syrian Army Continue in Cities Across the Country

Rallies of support to army’s war against terrorism continue

Mar 19, 2014


Provinces, (SANA) Shows of support for the Syrian army in its war against terrorism that has plagued the country continue daily in various cities across Syria.

Golan people in Damascus Countryside stress unshakable support for army

People of the occupied Syrian Golan in al-Nazihin gathering in Jdaidat al-Fadl area in Damascus Countryside went out in a rally on Wednesday voicing unshakable and unlimited support for members of the Syrian army who are fighting the fiercest of battles against the armed terrorist groups.

 The participants hailed the sacrifices of the Syria Arab Army’s personnel in confronting the foreign-backed terrorism targeting the country.

Quneitra Governor Maan Salah Eddin said that the province citizens support the Syria Arab Army which is cleaning the country of terrorism imposed on Syria by some Arab and western states.







Thousands of residents in Homs voice support for army

In the meantime, thousands of the residents of al-Hamra neighborhood in Homs city took to the streets in a rally during which they chanted slogans stressing full support for the Syrian Arab army in confronting the terrorist groups.

The participants raised Syrian flags and placards which express  unity of the Syrian citizens in confronting terrorists’ attempts to undermine Syria’s sovereignty.

They hailed the role of the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the global war to which Syria is exposed.





B. Mousa/ H. Sabbagh