Syrian flag flutters over Yabroud amid nationwide jubilation

Syrian flag flutters over Yabroud amid nationwide jubilation

Mar 17, 2014


Damascus countryside, (SANA) The Syrian flag was hoisted at al-Ossoud Square in the middle of Yabroud city on Monday amid high-ranking military attendance in the wake of establishing full control over the city.

”I came here to congratulate the armed forces for this landmark victory which we dedicate to the Syrian people and President Bashar al-Assad,” the military operations commander in Damascus countryside told journalists.


He affirmed that terrorism will be inevitably defeated in Syria, describing the victory in Yabroud as the “response to everyone who dared launch an aggression against Syria and its valiant army which is ranked amongst the strongest armies in the world.”

Addressing besieged civilians elsewhere in Syria, the commander said ”We are coming to bring back security and stability to you and eliminate terrorism in every inch of the Syrian land.”

“The Syrian flag that has been put up in Yabroud is a medal for us all and a great honor to us and all the soldiers,” he pointed out.


The commander welcomed media outlets that came to Yabroud and hailed their efforts to cover the victories of the Syrian army.

Army units had restored security and stability to Yabroud city on Sunday after a swift military operation that cutting off supply routes between the city and the Lebanese borders.

Large numbers of terrorists have been killed as the terrorist groups saw a dramatic collapse in the wake of the fatal military blow that left the remaining terrorists with one option: to flee to neighboring towns.

The maintenance teams started work of rehabilitation to restore services to the city soon, the electricity teams are maintaining high tension cable networks sabotaged by armed terrorist groups in Yabroud.

SANA’s correspondent on the ground said that a field hospital was found in a cellar near the market in the center of the city, and that this field hospital contained an operations room containing various medical equipment, several beds, and large amounts of medicine stolen from local hospitals and health centers.



M. Ismael