Citizens of Homs eastern countryside show staunch support to Syrian army

Citizens of Homs eastern countryside show staunch support to Syrian army

Mar 17, 2014


Homs, (SANA) Still living in the afterglow of the army’s decisive victory in Yabroud, thousands of Homs eastern countryside citizens gathered in two massive marches in al-Manzoul and al-Makhram towns to express staunch support to the Syrian army in its war against terrorism.

The participants, who came from the villages of al-Raqama, Hassiya and al-Makhram areas showed feeling of jubilation over the recentmilitary victory in Yabroud and several other areas, waving national flags and banners extolling the unity of the Syrian people.

The participants affirmed commitment to national firm principles, calling for turning over a new leaf for building Syria and overcoming the aftermath of the crisis.

They expressed pride in the successive battlefield achievements of the Syrian army, calling for eliminating terrorism that has plagued the homeland.

Displaced families of Aleppo gather in Tartous in support of Syrian Army

Hundreds of citizens who were displaced from Aleppo city and Nobol city organized a national party in Tartous in support of the Syrian Army.

The participant raised national flags and placards, expressing support to the Syrian Army in confronting the armed terrorist groups.

They also stressed adherence to the national stances, affirming their readiness to sacrifice their lives in defending their own country.

Supervisor of the party Ahmad Zbdiyeh said that this gathering comes as an appreciation to the sacrifices of the Syria Arab Army.

The participants affirmed that citizens of Aleppo support the Syrian Army, adding that Syria will come out victorious over the conspiracy to which it is exposed. 

B. Mousa/ F. Allafi/ M. Ismael