Putin: What is going on in Ukraine is a coup

Putin: What is going on in Ukraine is a coup
Mar 04, 2014
Moscow, (SANA)

Russian President Vladimir Putin said what has happened in Ukraine is a coup and seizure of power by arms.

In a press conference in Moscow Tuesday, Putin slammed Ukrainian opposition’s practices as “irrational” which have destabilized Ukraine, calling for constitutional means for solving the crisis in Ukraine.

Russian President said the current authority in Ukraine is illegal asserting that legally speaking Viktor Yanukovych is Ukraine’s only legitimate president.

Putin added the Ukrainian citizens’ right to self-determination through equal participation should be guaranteed, noting that there are constitutional methods through which the president is to be changed and these need time, highlighting that these methods have not been abided by.

He pointed out citizens of Crimea are afraid of the Ukraine scenario be repeated in their country and that is why they rushed to defend their facilities.

Putin made it clear that he has given directions to his government to communicate with its Ukrainian counterpart and provide it with all possible economic support to maintain Ukraine’s stability.

He said Russia reserves its legal right to use all means to defend the Ukrainians in case chaos in the Ukrainian capital Kiev spread to Ukraine’s eastern areas.

Putin added there is no need currently to send troops to Crimea, highlighting that “There is no reason for the time being to resort to military power but this option is on the table anyway”.

He stressed that deploying Russian troops in Ukraine could only happen in the exceptional case of protecting the Ukrainians, adding such step would be legal and consistent with the international law and the request made to to Russia by Yanukovych, in which Yanukovych asked Russia to defend the Ukrainian people.

The Russian President wondered at those who accused Russia of acting illegitimately with regard to what it is doing on its borders, saying “We ask … Was their intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya legitimate?”

Putin underscored that those who seek sanctions on Russia must be aware that the world is intertwined and any loss would be mutual.