Son of Egypt’s Abdel Gamal Nasser: “Syria’s people will overcome the aggression … Syria and Egypt are targets of the same scheme”…

Editorial Comment:

Under Muslim Brotherhood rule, Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Syria and joined the West and GCC in calling for a “no fly zone”.

It remains to be seen what will develop under the new leadership.

Feb 22, 2014
Cairo, (SANA)

Abdul-Hakim al-Naser, son of the later Leader Jamal Abdul-Naser of Egypt, stressed that the Arab people in Syria will overcome the aggression and deter the aggressors and will emerge victorious from this hostile war which was imposed on them by the Zionism, U.S. imperialism and their allies in the region.

In a statement to SANA on the occasion of Unity of Egypt and Syria, Abdul-Naser said, “Every Syrian and Arab citizen faithful to their homeland should protect the Syrian Arab army which we consider as the first army in the United Arab republic so that we can foil the colonialist scheme of the west which aim at destroying the Arab armies,” calling for protecting the unity and Arabism of Syria which is facing the same plot Egypt is facing.

He clarified that the universal war launched on the Arab people is launched to serve the best interests of the Zionism and imperialism and their allies in the region, such as Qatar and other countries.

نجل الزعيم عبد الناصر: شعب سورية سيخرج منتصرا في الحرب العدوانية

The 22nd of February marks the anniversary of The United Arab Republic “Syria – Egypt”

Picture dated March 7th 1958 during changing the name from Syria into United Arab Republic in the UN.

A year before the unity a full alliance agreement was signed making the Syrian and Egyptian armies under one command and thus one army, the Syrian Army Was named the 1st Army and the Egyptian was named the 2nd, a 3rd Army was constructed from men from both countries and it is still operational in Egypt today but with Egyptian Nationals only.

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