Victims of Ma’an massacre laid to rest

Victims of Maan massacre laid to rest
Feb 11, 2014

Hama, (SANA) – With official and popular participation, victims of the Maan massacre which was committed by terrorists last Sunday were laid to rest.

Relatives of the victims stressed that the homeland deserves sacrifices as to be able to confront all challenged and plots.
Hama Governor Dr. GHassan Khalaf said that the massacre in Maan reflects the immoral and blind mentality of the armed terrorist groups, stressing that the blood of the victims will not go in vain.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh

Cabinet condemns the massacre of Ma’an in Hama
Feb 11, 2014

Damascus, (SANA) – The Cabinet denounced the massacre committed by terrorists against the town of Maan in Hama province which claimed the lives of 42 victims, mostly women and children.

In its weekly session head by Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi, the Cabinet held the supporters and funders of terrorism in Syria, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France and the US, responsible for the bloodshed in Syria.


Al-Halqi called upon the international community to exert pressure on the countries which are supporting terrorists as to stop this support, stressing that combating terrorism should be the top priority in Geneva. He highlighted the need to form an international alliance to fight terrorism and prevent it from spreading to other countries, stressing that the Syrian people and army will continue pursuing the armed terrorist groups as to restore security and stability to the homeland.

He said that while the terrorists are escalating their criminal acts in implementation of external agendas, the Syrians are continuing the comprehensive reconciliation process in all provinces to reach the national reconciliation.


Al-Halqi stressed the government’s keenness on overcoming all obstacles resulted from the terrorist acts which target all economic and services sectors in the country, adding that all food and fuel materials are available in all provinces.

He added that the Syrian currency is stable despite the desperate attempts to destabilize it.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh

UN strongly condemns Ma’an massacre in Hama countryside

Feb 11, 2014

New York, (SANA) – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the massacre committed by terrorists on Sunday in Ma’an village in Hama countryside.

Spoke man for the UN Secretary-General Martin Nesirky said that Ki-moon was shocked at the news of a new massacre that took place in Syria in Ma’an village in Hama, adding that scores of citizens could be killed in barbaric way in this village.

Nesirky said that Ban Ki-moon strongly condemns any violence against the civilians, calling for bringing the massacre perpetrators to justice.

The Secretary-General pointed out that such atrocities should remind us that it is very necessary to put an end to the conflict in Syria, and start a political transitional process towards new Syria where all groups enjoy protection.

Terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra committed on Sunday a massacre against the citizens of Ma’an village in the northern countryside of Hama, claiming the lives of 42 citizens, most of them women, children and the elderly.

B. Mousa/ Mazen

Syrian students in #Russia, Russian activists denounce Maan massacre
Feb 14, 2014
Moscow, (SANA)

The Syrian students in Russia along with crowds of Russian activists and members of Syrian community denounced the massacre perpetrated by terrorists in the village of Maan in Hama countryside last week, which claimed the lives of 43 citizens, mostly women, children and elderly persons.

In a sit-in at the Syrian Embassy in Moscow on Friday, the participants reiterated their support to the Syrian leadership and army in the face of the acts of the terrorist groups, voicing their support to the Syrian official delegation in Geneva.

They expressed gratitude to the Russian people and leadership for their firm stances in support of the just cause of the Syrian people in the face of the international terrorism.

Syria’s Ambassador in Russia, Riad Haddad, said that combating terrorism and stopping violence is the top priority in Syria as terrorism threatens the life of every Syrian citizen, voicing thanks, on behalf of the Syrian people, to the stances of Russia regarding the global war waged against Syria.

For his part, Director of the Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Alexey Yegorov, who introduced a picture of a child which became so popular on social media as an icon for the solidarity of the Russians with the Syrian people, told SANA that “We are watching what is happening in Syria and we strongly condemn the massacre in Maan town.”

Yegorov said that the Russian people will continue organizing events in solidarity with the Syrian people.
In turn, painter of the aforementioned picture, Eulena Kozima, said that the painting is her way to express support to the efforts of the Syrian official delegation in Geneva and solidarity with the Syrian people.

Dr. Hussein Ali, said that the event aims at voicing support to the Syrian army and solidarity with the Syrians, expressing his condemnation of the massacres in Syria, the last f which the massacre in Maan town in Hama and the massacres in Quneitra.

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