Lavrov at Geneva II

“We want to preserve Syria as a sovereign state to maintain the safety of its territories to be a secular state.”

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stressed the necessity of solving the crisis in Syria and settling all the issues connected to it, based on mutual understanding between the government and the opposition far from any foreign interference , pointing out that the participants in Geneva 2 conference hold a historic responsibility.

In his speech at opening session of the conference, Lavrov said that the crisis in Syria cannot be solved quickly and easily, but today’s conference is a genuine opportunity for peace, based on respect and partnership to meet the interests of the Syrian people, the region and the world.

The international community looks forward to the conference which means that there is a historic responsibility on our shoulders and an effort which needs close communication and cooperation as our obsession is reaching an end to the tragedy in Syria, Lavrov added.

He stressed that Russia supports the aspirations of the Arab peoples of a better life and sustainable development and prosperity and if we want a positive shift to the underway developments, all should be engaged in dialogue.

Lavrov rejected all attempts to impose ready-made recipes for reforms, calling on all sides to respect the basic principles of the international law, particularly respecting the sovereignty of the countries , non-interference in the countries’ internal affairs and settling the conflicts peacefully.

He added that “Russia, since the beginning of the crisis, depended on the principle of not imposing solutions by force and reaching solutions through agreement among all Syrian sides which constitutes the basis for Geneva 1 communiqué.”

Lavrov said “we want to preserve Syria as a sovereign state and to maintain the safety of its territories to be a secular state which constitutes the basis of dialogue among the Syrian sides.

He called on the foreign sides to encourage the Syrians reach an accord based on the Geneva communique and the UN Security Council’s resolution No. 2118.

Lavrov reiterated the need for the participation of all spectrums of the Syrian people in the dialogue, among them the national opposition groups in Syria .

He renewed his call for the necessity of Iran’s participation in the mutual efforts to achieve peace and security in Syria without any attempts to interpret Geneva communique in favor of any sides.

The Russian Foreign Minister called on the participants to support the Syrian government and the opposition for unifying their efforts and continue the progress.

He hailed the Syrian government’s cooperation with the Organization of Security and Cooperation, the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Lavrov called for exerting efforts to tackle the humanitarian situation in Syria, enhancing confidence between the two sides and not exploiting the situation or putting preconditions, or artificial obstructions which undermine dialogue.

For his part, Switzerland’s Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter, said that in order to make the efforts for solving the crisis in Syria success, they should be based on firm support and clear political will by the international community as Switzerland is ready to participate in that.

Solving the crisis in Syria is political and the conference should has immediate effects on the ground, Burkhalter added, asserting that the demands of the Syrian people should be listened to and all sides should be involved in the talks.

In turn, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said all parties should look forward to achieve a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria with respecting the Syrian desire and preserving their institutions.

Wang Yi added that Stability in Syria is key for the stability in the Middle East, stressing that there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria.

Politicizing or militarizing the humanitarian issues in Syria should be avoided, he stressed.