Grand Mufti stresses joint work to confront takfiri thinking at Islamic Unity Conference

Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun stressed the importance of unity among the Muslims and denouncing discord to better serve the issues of the Islamic nation.

“Let’s work hand in hand through the Islamic unity conference to spread the culture of amity and fraternity in the human communities and confront the thought that promotes for killing and takfiri thinking,” said Hassoun, delivering the Syrian delegation’s speech at the 27th International Islamic Unity Conference held in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

He highlighted that contrary to what media seek to promote, the Syrians with all their religious affiliations are living side by side and facing terrorism together.

He affirmed that Syria has been facing a war over almost three years throughout which the Syrian people have stood up in the face of terrorists coming from 88 countries and will achieve victory.

The Mufti stressed that the aim of this war against Syria is to punish it for its long embracement of the resistance and support for the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate rights usurped by Israel.

Hassoun considered that the current stage the Islamic nation is going through is the most serious one that needs solutions to the nation’s problems of disunity and terrorism, hailing the Iranian people for having brought the Islamic nation together after their “historic revolution” and “eradicated the den of U.S. espionage in their country”.

He expressed thanks to Iran for its support to the Syrian government and people against the conspiracy targeting its position and leading role in the region.

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran highlighted in his opening speech that the enemies of Islam are seeking to sow sedition and discord and deepen them among the people of the Islamic nation, calling upon the nation to confront the takfiris and foil their attempts to stain the tolerant image of Islam.

“If any country would think that by supporting the terrorists it could increase its influence and topple a government in the region it is one hundred percent mistaken,” said Rouhani, warning that those “who draw the sword of terrorism” will not be able to ward it off against them.

He highlighted that Iran has worked over the past months to encounter the dangers and threats posed to the Islamic nation and succeeded through cooperation with Russia to keep away the specter of war from the region.

The two-day conference, which kicked off earlier on the day, was held under the title “The Holy Quran and Its Role in Uniting the Islamic Nation” with the participation of Syria and delegations from 50 countries.