ALBA-TCP countries hold gathering in Tehran in solidarity with Syria

Tehran, (SANA)-Ambassadors of ALBA and Latin American countries  (ALBA-TCP) held a gathering at the Venezuelan Chancery in Tehran in solidarity with Syria against any US potential aggression on Syria Amenhotep Zambrano, the Venezuelan Ambassador in Tehran said in a speech, on behalf of the ambassadors of ALBA-TCP states, that the Syrian sovereignty is subjected today to a flagrant violation and that “we have to respect the Syrian people’s struggle against imperialism,” adding that the US has supported the gunmen with weapons and money to “overthrow the Syrian state.”

“The armed groups have used the chemical weapons and attributed this act to the Syrian government, paving the way for any potential US military act against Syria,” zambrano said.



For his part, the Syrian Ambassador in Tehran Adnan Mahmoud affirmed that this gathering which comes in solidarity with Syria embodies the values and the one principle to which we defend in order to keep Syria’s sovereignty and unity.

“The states which threaten to launch aggression on Syria today are the same ones which have supported the takfiri terrorist groups for two years and a half,” ambassador Mahmoud said.

He added that the whole world has recognized the fakes of the US allegations and the campaigns of lies and fabrications the US administration are launching in order to create illusive justifications to wage an aggression on Syria.

The Ambassadors presented a statement issued by ALBA countries in which they affirmed their support to Syria and rejection of any foreign intervention in its affairs.

Venezuela, ALBA countries, voice solidarity with Syria in face of US threats 

The countries and governments of the Bolivarian ally of the People of the American Continent and the social movement of the Bolivarian ally of the American People (ALBA) expressed solidarity with Syria in the face of the US threats to wage an aggression against Syria under false pretexts.

In a statement, the ALBA countries said that Syria is facing an imperialistic conspiracy carried out by the armed terrorist gangs with the aim of weakening Syria and fragmenting the region.

The statement said that the situation in Syria was proposed on the 7th session of the summit of the presidents of the countries of the South American held in Surinam last August, as the participants in the summit called for dialogue and peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

ALBA pointed out that the situation in Syria was the most important issue raised during the activities of the 7th ordinary summit held in Suriname on August 30th, where the participating presidents and governments urged for dialogue and a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

In a similar context, several popular movements and organizations and the Syrian community in Venezuela organized many activities and events for supporting Syria in the face of the U.S. threats of launching aggression on it.

The Ministry of People’s Power for Women and Gender Equality held a solidarity stand with Syria in Caracas in coordination with the Syrian Embassy and Women’s Union attended by the Syrian Ambassador Ghassan Abbas and members of the Venezuelan Socialist Party.

Also, Vargas Municipal Council arranged a stand in support of Syria in front of the Syrian Embassy with the participation of activists from the Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) where they chanted slogans in support of Syria.

In a statement the Municipal Council said ” We, the local socialist municipal councils, which represent the popular authority, the nationalists and those who believe in the peoples’ rights to self-determination and sovereignty, stress the depth of the friendly bounds with Syria and renew our commitment in supporting all efforts that create the suitable environment for achieving peace for the Syrians with respect of this country’s sovereignty and independence.

Moreover, members of the Syrian community in the Venezuelan city of Valencia organized a solidarity march with the attendance of the Arabic Club in addition to some youth bodies.

The participants hoisted the Syrian flag and chanted slogans that express their standing with Syria and condemnation of the U.S. campaign and its terrorist tools.

Cuba and Iran express worry over repercussions of any aggression on Syria

Cuba and Iran expressed concern over the repercussions of any aggression on Syria, stressing on the political approach to solve the crisis in it.

The Iranian Press TV said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla expressed in a phone call made Wednesday night their deep reservations about the US threats to launch an aggression on Syria.

Both sides reviewed the developments of the situation in Syria and stressed the necessity to reach a political settlement to the crisis in it.

The Iranian Foreign Minister voiced his denunciation of any use of chemical weapons and urged the international community to shed light on the destructive role played by the takfiri and terrorist groups in the area, particularly in Syria.

For his part, Parrilla stressed that any use of force against Syria is doomed to failure, highlighting the need to find a political solution to the crisis in the country.

Cuba announced Tuesday its condemnation of any potential attack that could be launched by the US against Syria, stressing that such an attack would be a violation of the international law and the UN Charter and cause more death, destruction and escalation of the crisis.

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