Russian military source: Russia sends missile cruiser ” Moskva” to Mediterranean. (SANA)

Moscow: Russian radars detect launch of two ballistic missiles in the Mediterranean

Russian early warning radars detected the launch of two ballistic “objects” in the Mediterranean on Tuesday, Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russia Today quoted the Ministry as saying that the path of the missiles passes from the middle of the sea towards the eastern Mediterranean.

Spokesman for the Ministry said that the Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, reported the incident to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

A Russian military source told Interfax news agency that the two missiles fell in the water.

After the US Defense Ministry said it had no information on the issue, Israel said that it carried out a missile drill on interceptor missile system funded by the US.

The Israeli “Defense Ministry” said that exercise took place at 9.15 am, which is the same time at which Russia detected the two ballistic “objects” in the Mediterranean.

Russian source: Ballistic missiles probably aim at testing Syria anti-air systems

An informed Russian source said that the launch of two ballistic missiles detected by the Russian early warning radars in the Mediterranean probably aims at testing the Syrian anti-air defense systems.

The source told reporters in Moscow that the missiles were probably launched from the warships of the US 6th fleet as to test the readiness of the Syrian ant-air defense systems and the readiness of the Russian early warning systems in the region.

“Any military operation requires an information war,” he said, adding that launching the missiles could also aim at spreading panic in Syria and chaos among the international community.


Three Russian naval ships to enter Mediterranean

MOSCOW, September 4 (Itar-Tass) – Two Ropucha-class amphibious assault ships of the Black Sea and Baltic Sea fleets – Novocherkassk and Minsk – and one reconnaissance ship of the Black Sea Fleet – Vishnya-class intelligence ship SSV-201 Priazovye – will enter the Mediterranean September 5-6, a source at Russia’s General Staff has told ITAR-TASS.

All three ships set course for the Mediterranean from the same base – the port of Novorossiysk. Priazovie has been en route since Monday, and Novocherkassk and Minsk, since Tuesday. The ships will pass through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles one by one, on September 5 and 6, to enter the Mediterranean practically at the same time,” the source said.

“Whereas Novocherkassk and Minsk were dispatched for the Mediterranean within the framework of rotation of Russia’s permanent naval force and will operate according to the plans of its command, the Priazovie was dispatched to the region to step up reconnaissance efforts near the Syrian coast in keeping with General Staff plans,” the source said.

On September 2 a source at the General Staff has told ITAR-TASS the Defence Ministry had made a decision to step up efforts to monitor the situation near Syria’s coast.

“The number of ships in the Mediterranean involved in monitoring and covering the situation in areas near Syria will be increased somewhat,” the source said.

“This is standard practice for any fleet to follow in case of soaring tensions in this or that ocean or sea area. The situation around Syria will be monitored comprehensively,” the General Staff’s representative said.

According to Russian military experts the number of reconnaissance ships involved in situations similar to that around Syria normally ranges three to five.