By Pueblo Shablan

Syria is a sovereign nation that must respetársele strongly condemn the arrogance of the imperial power that seeks to attack

In New Alternative Nation, ANN , Party member of the Guatemalan revolutionary movement and a member of the Forum of Sao Paulo , we note with concern and indignation the arrogant attitude of President Barack Obama that , consistent with the history of warmongering attacks that have characterized his country , abusively claims the right to attack a sovereign country , a hoax similar to that used former President Bush to invade Iraq : chemical weapons , which ultimately proved a lie , but the truth came to the surface did not prevent the destruction Arab country , including the sacking of the most important treasures of the history of mankind.

It is inconceivable that a person who was recently granted the Nobel Peace Prize to act with such arrogance , flagrantly disrespecting determinations United Nations and most Security Council members that advocate ¸ political solution as the only acceptable solution to resolve the crisis stop there in Syria.

We know that the rule is targeting two basic factors for Middle East : the preeminence of its strategic partners , the Zionist government of Israel and seize the enormous wealth that exist in the subsurface of the Arab countries and Iran. And accompanying this abusive claim , determining forcibly hold any government seeking to promote self-determination and political and economic independence of his people.

U.S. has virtually led to the destruction of Iraq , Lebanon and Afghanistan, and maintains a double play on peace between Palestine and Israel, on the one hand appears to promote tolerance and promoting Jewish alleged pressure the government to negotiate , but for the another maintains a cynical tolerance of abuses that Israel deployed against the Palestinian people , and the clear violations of signed agreements to build peace .

The situation has been constructed artificially in Syria , where war crimes committed by rebels armed and financed by imperialism, through the use of chemical weapons have been used as a provocation to provoke aggression against the Syrian people and their government is nothing but the continuation of a warlike policy , most stubborn of imperialism , which seeks to impose its ideology to dominate the world .

That we know a lot in Latin America and the Caribbean , we have historically suffered from invasions , blockades, acts of destabilization , terrorist assassinations repeated attempts and other atrocities that have not only completed but are reissued through criminal permanently block against the people and Cuba Revolution and attacks against the Bolivarian Revolution and the various attacks against ALBA countries .

As revolutionary and Guatemalan revolutionaries , to strongly condemn and reject all these actions against the people of Syria , at the same time you send our fraternal and combative solidarity and demand an end to the aggressions of the empire against a people who only seeks to have the possibility of building their own destiny.

The world needs peace , not imperial wars .

A democratic Guatemala , dignified and responsible .

Alternative New Nation

Guatemala August 30, 2013

No to militarism and militarization in Latin America and the Caribbean.

From Guatemala , New Nation Alternative Party , a member of the Forum of Sao Paulo and member of the revolutionary movement in Latin America and the Caribbean , expresses the democratic left of Paraguay , at a time when the amendment to the National Defence Act and Homeland Security opens the possibility that the Paraguayan government to make discretionary use of the armed forces , with the excuse of fighting actions that can qualify as terrorists and limit the exercise of democratic freedoms of political and social forces of the brotherly country .

For several years norteameric terrorism imperialism designed to give back to his aggressive and interventionist military policy in Latin America , the Caribbean and the world, promoting wars and violence to satisfy their imperialist actions repeatedly demonstrated , including the impending attack on Syria , not caring a damn about international law and the limitations that have tried to impose tepidly the Security Council of the UN and the Secretary General of the same .

Guatemala is a country that historically has suffered from the imposition of militarism and militarization of the state and its people have suffered high levels of repression , torture , extrajudicial executions, disappearances and forced displacements from invasion funded and sponsored by the U.S. that destroyed our democracy and imposed a reign of terror , in July 1954 , but whose effects are still sensitive in our society.

The coup in Paraguay was implemented against the democratically elected government of Fernando Lugo , aims to stop the process of democratization that is deepening in our America and in the logic of intolerance to attempts to achieve self-determination of peoples and to enforce the rules that wrongly believes that the rule should exist in our countries.

ANN reiterates its concern about the abuses that may arise from the modifications approved the said Act , and expresses its support and solidarity to the struggle of parties and political and social forces of Paraguay , particularly the Movement Toward Socialism Party , whose bloc of deputies strongly rejected these amendments .

If the strengthening of democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean !

No militarization of the Americas !

A democratic Guatemala , dignified and responsible

Guatemala , August 2013