Late on Thursday night, the British parliament voted down a government resolution about the need for a tough reaction to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the reaction which, in its turn, could require the start of a military operation. Two hundred and eighty-five members of parliament voted against the resolution and 272 upheld it.


People’s Assembly in a letter to British House of common: #Syria is a sovereign country
Aug 29, 2013

#Damascus, (SANA)- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham called on President of the British House of commons to come to Syria or delegate a representative or experts to inspect the outcomes of the UN investigation committee into the use of chemical weapons.

“Syria is a sovereign country and poses no threat to the UK, any aggression on it is illegal, particularly as the UN security council didn’t approve such an aggression and the UN report on the use of chemical weapons in Damascus countryside has not been issued yet,” al-Laham said in an open letter to the MPs at the British House of commons.

“The UN has actually reached strong evidence that Islamist terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra have used chemical weapons of sarin gas against Syrian soldiers and civilians,” al-Laham added.

He affirmed that any Britain’s attack on the Syrian people without legal justification is considered as a violation of Britain’s basic principles in justice.

Al-Laham said that those who are responsible for the attack against Syria will be brought to justice, adding that any British MP who encourages or calls for an aggression on Syria will bear the legal responsibility for the losses and destruction that the Syrians will suffer from.

He called on President of the House of Commons “to not to commit any irresponsible act and work to change Britain from the road of war into the way of diplomacy.”


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UK parliament votes down govt resolution on Syria

Two hundred and eighty-five members of parliament voted against the resolution and 272 upheld it

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