Morsi says Egypt cuts all ties with Damascus, calls for Syria no-fly zone

June 15, 2013 20:55

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.(AFP Photo / HO)

Egypt has decided to cut all ties with Syria, close the embassy in Cairo and withdraw the Egyptian envoy from Damascus, said Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. He also urged the international powers to impose a no-fly zone over Syria.

“We have decided to close down the Syrian embassy in Cairo,” said Morsi during a conference of Sunni Muslim clerics in support of the Syrian uprising at Cairo Indoor Stadium, according to local newspaper Ahram online. “The Egyptian envoy in Damascus will also be withdrawn.”

The decision comes into effect Saturday.

The President added that Hezbollah, the Shiite Islamic militant group based in Lebanon.

“We stand against Hezbollah in its aggression against the Syrian people,” Morsi said. “There is no space or place for Hezbollah in Syria.”

Hezbollah fighters  have  reportedly been fighting alongside Syrian pro-government troops against the opposition forces in the ongoing conflict.

The US has been giving consideration to the issue of setting up a no-fly zone across Syria and possibly along Jordan’s border after claims that nerve gas was used by the Syrian government, sources told Reuters.

“Washington is considering a no-fly zone to help Assad’s opponents,” a senior diplomat told the agency.

Morsi cuts diplomatic ties with Syria

Jun 15, 2013

Cairo, (SANA) – Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Saturday evening announced cutting diplomatic ties with Syria, closing the Egyptian embassy in Damascus, and withdrawing the Egyptian chargé d’affaires.

This decision, which comes at a time when Egypt is undergoing a terminal internal crisis on various levels, is one in a series of steps taken by Morsi’s government in support of terrorist groups in Syria.

On Friday, Morsi’s advisor for foreign affairs Khaled al-Kazzaz said that “Egyptians have the right and freedom to travel and fight in Syria,” and that the Egyptian government won’t take steps against those who traveled to fight in Syria and that it doesn’t view them as a threat to Egypt and that they’re not concerned over their return to Egypt as jihadists.

H. Sabbagh

No-Fly Zone In Syria Would Break International Law: Russian Foreign Minister

Russian Information Agency Novosti


June 15, 2013

No-Fly Zone in Syria Would Break International Law – Lavrov

MOSCOW: The creation of a no-fly zone in war-torn Syria would contravene international law, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday, amid media speculation that the US plans to do just that.

“You don’t have to be a great expert to realize that this will be a violation of international law. We hope our American colleagues will direct all their practical activity into implementing a joint US-Russian initiative to convene a conference devoted to improving the situation in Syria,” Lavrov said after meeting with his Italian counterpart.

Media reports on Friday cited unidentified Western diplomats as saying that the US, which said this week that it would provide military support to the Syrian opposition, was considering establishing a no-fly zone in Syria. US fighter jets and anti-aircraft missiles were sent to Syria’s neighbor Jordan earlier this month for military exercises.

The US said this week that it had clear evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government had used chemical weapons against the rebels. The claim was supported by Britain, but dismissed as “unconvincing” on Friday by Russia, which is widely viewed as an ally of Syria and has vetoed several Western-backed UN Security Council resolutions aimed to pressure Assad into ending the use of force. Lavrov, who said Friday that the US decision to arm the rebels could lead to the further escalation of violence in the country, repeated Russia’s doubt over the chemical weapons claim on Saturday, saying it made no sense for the government to have used chemical warfare when it is gaining ground against the rebels.

“Our Western partners told us [earlier], yes, it’s probably not in the interests of the regime, but if it finds itself against the wall, then it could, out of desperation, use these weapons as a last resort. Right now the regime is not against the wall; the regime, as the opposition itself is saying, is seeing military success on the ground. Why would the regime use chemical weapons, especially in such small quantities [as is being claimed]? Just to expose itself? From a military point of view, it makes no sense,” Lavrov said.

Syria’s government denies having used chemical weapons and has in turn accused the rebels themselves of the same crime.

Last month, Russia and the US agreed to set up an international conference with the aim of ending the two-year conflict in Syria through dialogue between the two sides, but so far, no date or list of participants has been confirmed.


Russian Information Agency Novosti
June 15, 2013

US Military Aid May Aggravate Tensions in Syria – Lavrov

MOSCOW: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that US military aid to Syrian rebels may lead to further escalation of violence in the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Lavrov had a phone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier in the day. The two top diplomats discussed “situation in Syria in the context of Washington’s plans to render military aid to the Syrian opposition,” the ministry said.

“Lavrov stressed that such a move could further escalate tensions in the region, while US accusations of chemical weapons use by Damascus are not supported by reliable facts,” the statement reads.

The US said Thursday it will provide military support to the Syrian rebels after it confirms the evidence Syrian government forces have used nerve gas against rebel groups. The Syrian government denied the accusations.


June 15, 2013

Lavrov doubts about use of chemical weapons in Syria

MOSCOW: The Russian foreign minister voiced the doubts on Saturday that the Syrian authorities used the chemical weapons.

“The incumbent authorities are not driven to the wall now. Does this make any sense for them to use the chemical weapons, moreover at such a large scale? Just to expose themselves?” Lavrov said after the negotiations with his visiting Italian counterpart Emma Bonino.

Syrian Arab Republic source: Morsi joins US-led band  conspiring against Syria 

Jun 17, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- An official source in the Syrian Arab Republic stressed Sunday that Mohammad Morsi, by cutting off all ties with Syria yesterday, has joined the Israel-US-led band of conspiring and instigating against it.

Morsi announced Saturday evening that he was cutting off ties with Syria and closing the Syrian Embassy in Egypt and withdrawing the Egyptian charge d’affaire from Syria.

The source pointed out that Morsi’s stance followed the achievements which the Syrian Arab Army has made against terrorism all over Syria.

It expressed Syria’s condemnation of Morsi’s position as “irresponsible” and “reflecting his attempt to implement the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda” in a bid to dodge the upcoming internal events demanded by the Egyptian people to meet their aspirations.

Egypt is facing a critical multi-faceted internal crisis because of the Muslim Brotherhood’s seizure of all powers in the country. This has been represented in the Supreme Constitutional Court’s annulling the Shura Council law and the law of the criteria of the Funding Committee of the Constitution.

“Syria is fully confident that this decision doesn’t reflect the will of the brotherly Egyptian people who have shared strong and firm relations with the Syrian people that have contributed to protecting security and stability in the region against all the invaders and aggressors since the dawn of history,” said the source.

It added that those ties between the Syrian and Egyptian peoples “were crowned by the October Liberation War which made an important victory for the Arab nation and people over the Israeli enemy.”

The source clarified that Morsi’s decision came in completion of the takfiri fatwas issued by “the sheikhs of sedition” of the so-called “Union of Muslim Scholars” that call for fighting in Syria and shedding the Syrians’ blood instead of directing the compass towards liberating the usurped Palestinian territories, on top is Jerusalem.

The source considered Morsi’s call for foreign intervention and imposing a no-fly zone over Syria as “a violation of the region and a transgression against its sovereignty and the sanctity of its lands in service of the goals of Israel and the US and their tools in the region.”

“Morsi’d better bubble with this excitement when announcing the closure of the Israeli embassy and cutting off ties with an enemy that is still killing the Palestinian brother right before Morsi’s very eyes and at a very short distance from Egypt,” the source said.

It added that “the fact that the Israeli embassy is still there in Cairo under Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood group and under the banner of Camp David Accords and its secret appendices, whereas the Syrian Embassy is being closed only shortly after the latest Israeli aggression on Syria and at a time when all conspiracies of the nation’s enemies are sweeping against the Syrian people stresses the twisted approach of Morsi and his group and exposes his real identity.”

The source however stressed that “the Arabist Egypt is too great to be turned by Morsi into a tool to pass a conspiratorial project for land exchange between Israel and Palestine.”

“Egypt is too great to be handed over to some Arab officials who…are preparing to undermine what is left of this nation’s unity and dignity,” the source added.

The source highlighted Syria’s stress that “the brotherly peoples in Syria and Egypt will remain in the same trench based on the spirit of unity which brought them together in 1958 and…their joint keenness on the main and central cause of the Arab nation; that is of facing the Israeli occupation of the occupied Arab territories and restoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinian Arab people.”

The source expressed Syria’s full confidence that “the brotherly Egyptian people will foil these policies and their dangerous impacts and repercussions for the region.”

“The Syrian and Egyptian peoples will remain the beating heart of Arabism and the maker of its victories,” the source reiterated.

H. Said