Syria calls on UN to condemn massacre of Hatla in Deir Ezzor

Jun 13, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups perpetrated on June 12, 2013 a massacre in Hatla village in Deir Ezzor against scores of citizens, most of them women and children because they refused to support their criminal acts.

“The terrorists also looted, burglarized the citizens’ properties, burned their houses and attacked and sabotaged the worship places… the websites have broadcasted videotapes documenting Jabhat al-Nusra massacre, instigated by one of the sheikhs of salafis in Kuwait called Shafi al-Ajami who is involved in funding and sending thousands of jihadists into Syria,” the Foreign Ministry said in two identical letters sent to the UN Secretary General and President of the security Council.

It added that Syria has repeatedly warned in its pervious letters against the dangers of terrorism and extremism, as well as documented the crimes perpetrated by the armed groups.

“Syria stresses that when a number of states refused to condemn such crimes, they would encourage the terrorist groups to go ahead in their crimes which target the innocent citizens through committing massacres, random shelling on civilian regions in addition to the suicide bombings which even didn’t spare the residential buildings, public establishments, mosques, churches as well as assassinating the Islamic and Christian clerks,” the Ministry said.

It affirmed that the continuation of some countries in the region and abroad, on top, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to offer public and direct support to terrorism in Syria through funding, arming and resorting the armed terrorist groups, in addition to the European latest decision, sponsored by Britain and France, to lift embargo on arming the opposition is a dangerous violation of the legal commitments imposed by the UN Security Council resolutions and the relevant international treaties of counter-terrorism, on top, UNSC resolution 1373 for 2001.  

“The EU decision to allow buying the Syrian oil, stolen by the armed terrorist groups, to sell weapons and military equipment is another violation of the EU states’ commitment to curb the financing of terrorism,” the letter said. It added that Syria once again warns against the dangers of involvement in supporting al-Qaeda-linked takfiri terrorism practiced by Jabhat al-Nusra and its allies of the “Islamic battalions”, as well as the so-called “the Free Syrian Army”.

“Syria underlines that some countries’ continued calls for arming the opposition or announcing their willingness to arm them under the pretext of changing the military balance won’t only support terrorists, but this uncovers the hidden intentions of those states to obstruct efforts to reach a political solution among the Syrians.

“Putting those facts in front of the UN Security council, Syria calls on it to assume its responsibilities, in light of its relevant resolutions of counter-terrorism, to condemn the massacre in Hatla village and call on the countries involved in supporting terrorism in Syria to stop such practices which pose a threat to the security and stability in Syria and the region,” the Foreign Ministry concluded.


People of Deir Ezzor Strongly Denounce Terrorist Groups’ Massacres

Jun 13, 2013

Deir Ezzor, (SANA)- A massive rally went out Thursday in Deir Ezzor city to express support for the Syrian army and denunciation of the massacres and crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups in the city.

A crowd of the city’s residents gathered in al-Hijaz Square in response to a call by several popular and civil society organizations chanting slogans in which they stressed support for the army in its national mission to eliminate the armed terrorist groups.

A group of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists perpetrated Wednesday a massacre against a number of citizens in Hatla village in Deir Ezzor.

The terrorist group attacked the families and citizens in the village and killed 30 citizens, among them women and children because they refused to support their hostile acts which target the civilians.

The participants in the rally affirmed their readiness to sacrifice every precious thing in the defense of their homeland and their rejection of foreign interference in their internal affairs.

They lashed out at the countries which have been providing the terrorist groups with money and arms, voicing their confidence that Syria will come out of its crisis victorious.

H. Said