Terrorist Bombing Rocks Crowded Area in Damascus Leaving Over 14 Martyrs, 146 Injured

Apr 08, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – A terrorist explosion rocked the area between al-Shahbander and Sabe’a Bahrat Square in Damascus on Monday, leaving 14 martyrs at least, 146 injured people and huge material damage in the surrounding area.

Director of Damascus Health Directorate, Dr. Adel Mansour, told SANA that the bodies of 14 citizens martyred in the terrorist bombing arrived at public and private hospitals, in addition to a container containing limbs and 146 wounded people among them women and children and some of the suffering from crucial injuries.

Mansour said that all medical and ER personnel have been put on alert to treat the wounded and perform emergency operations and procedures for the critically injured.

SANA reporter said that terrorists detonated a car bomb in a crowded area near Salim Bukhari school, Buaeir Mosque and residential buildings.

SANA reporter denied that any clashes took place in the area, as some malicious TV channels alleged, pointing out that some authority personnel fired gunshots in the air to open streets for ambulances.

One of the locals told SANA that the bomber chose a time when students were leaving schools and when people were going to pray at the nearby mosque.

A woman who was helping to get students from Salim Bukhari School away from the site of the bombing said that the bombing shook the school, and that some of the children were martyred or injured while the others were in a state of panic.

Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi visited the site of the bombing and inspected the damages it caused, affirming that Syria will continue its battle against terrorism until the end in order to achieve security and stability across Syria.

In a statement to journalists at the scene of the bombing, al-Halqi said that the achievements of the Armed Forces against terrorism and the failure of the terrorists and those who support them are the motives for committing such criminal acts.

He said that terrorists don’t hesitate to attack mosques similar to what happened in al-Iman Mosque because they seek to undermine the moderate and compassionate Islam which has been a mainstay of the Syrian people for centuries.

Al-Halqi added that this attack, which took place near the Central Bank of Syria, also targets the Syrian economy which has withstood two years of unjust sanctions and embargos, particularly in light of the recent stabilization of the Syrian Pound due to the government’s steps in this regard.




















R. Milhem / Ghossoun / H. Sabbagh

Russian Foreign Ministry Strongly Condemns Terrorist Bombing in Damascus

Apr 08, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terrorist suicide bombing which hit al-Sabe’ Bahrat Square and al-Shahbandar area in Damascus on Monday.

Russia Today website reported Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, as saying, “Moscow strongly condemns the terrorist fierce attack which killed innocent people.”

Lukashevich pointed out that this is the second terrorist attack which took place in a month and a half in Damascus near the Russian Embassy, adding that this jeopardizes the life and security of the Embassy staff.

He noted that the extremist groups in Syria which resort to terrorist bombings and launch missiles at residential areas must receive a deterrent response from the international community.

“Once again, we call on all Syrian sides to discard violence and sit at the negotiations table based on the Geneva Communiqué signed on June 30, 2012,”  Lukashevich added.


Syrian Political Parties, Unions and Organizations Denounce Terrorist Bombing in Damascus

Apr 08, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party denounced the terrorist bombing which took place between Sabe’a Bahrat Square and al-Shahabandar area in Damascus on Monday.

In a statement, the Leadership said that such barbaric crimes show the terrorists’ hatred for the Syrian people who rejected them and stood fast in their face, asserting that the Syrian people will not forget the crimes of the terrorists and those who support and arm them.

The Leadership said that such crimes indicate that the terrorists have failed in carrying out the plot devised by their masters.

The statement affirmed that those responsible for shedding the blood of innocent Syrians will not go unpunished, and that history knows how the Syrian people deal with those who transgress against it, be they a major country or mercenaries under the yoke of masters who teach them to violate human rights.

The Arab Socialist Union Party also issued a statement condemning the terrorist attack, saying that this crime adds up to the crimes of Takfiri groups who aren’t deterred by religious or human values.

The statement said that the only way to deal with such terrorists is to uproot them wherever they are, calling on the people, the state, parties and social forces to confront terrorism.

The Unionist Socialist Democratic Party also denounced the bombing and affirmed that it will only make Syrians more determined to adhere to national unity and achieve victory.

Similarly, the National Kurdish Movement denounced the terrorist attack, holding the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Arab League responsible for it since the latter has become the main backer of terrorism funded by money from the Arab Gulf.

In turn, The People’s Party strongly denounced the terrorist bombing, calling on the Syrian Army to strike firmly against terrorists and do all that’s possible to eliminate them and restore security and stability to the country.

The Arab Socialists Movement issued a statement saying that the bombing is part of the criminal plot against Syria concocted by the US and carried out by its agents in the region through mercenaries.

The Movement said that Syria’s victory over the conspiracy is approaching, and that Syrians will eliminate those who transgress against Syria and its people.

In a similar statement, the Syrian Democratic Party condemned the bombing, asserting that this crime only makes Syrians more unified and steadfast and holding the countries who sponsor, fund and arm terrorists and Takfiris responsible for the crimes taking place in Syria.

In a statement, the General Union of Farmers strongly denounced the terrorist bombing, describing it and such attacks as crimes that reached the level of crimes against humanity in their atrociousness.

The General Union of Artisans also denounced the cowardly attack, saying in a statement that the bombing shows the dark Takfiri mentality of those behind it and that such crimes will only make Syrians more determined to stand fast and rally around their leadership.

Similarly, the Damascus Chamber of Commerce asserted that bombings and terrorism contradict the culture of the Syrian people, and that such acts are rejected by all creeds and all Syrians.

The bombing was also denounced by the Damascus Governorate Council and Executive Office and the Damascus Youth volunteer group.

The General Federation of Trade Unions denounced the terrorist bombing, calling it a crime against humanity and calling on Arab, regional and international vocational organizations to condemn this attack and halt the funding and arming of terrorists.

The Teachers Syndicate also denounced the terrorist attack, holding the countries who sponsor, fund and support terrorism responsible for it and for all such crimes against the Syrian people.

Similarly, the Engineers Syndicate strongly denounced the attack, calling it a reprehensible criminal act that is censured by all laws and creeds.

Palestinian Liberation Army Condemns Terrorist Bombing in Damascus

The Palestinian Liberation Army condemned the terrorist suicidal bombing which hit al-Sabe’ Bahrat Square and al-Shahbandar area in Damascus.

In a statement, the General Command of the Palestinian Liberation Army pointed out that this crime is a desperate attempt to undermine the steadfastness of the Syrian people, particularly after the sweeping strikes carried out by the Syrian Arab Army against the armed terrorist groups.

F.L /H. Sabbagh

FSA Terrorists Detonate Car Bomb in Sabeh Bahrat Square in Damascus Killing School Children

Eretz Zen

Published on 8 Apr 2013

A suicide bomber from the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) detonated a car packed with explosives on Monday April 8, 2013 in a busy residential and financial district of central Damascus near the Sabeh Bahrat Square, killing at least 15 people, setting cars and buildings on fire and sending plumes of black smoke over the capital, Syrian state-run media said.

The explosion came as UN chief Ban Ki-moon said inspectors were ready to deploy to Syria within 24 hours to investigate reports of chemical weapon attacks, but have not yet received permission from President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The terrorist suicide bombing occurred near Sabeh Bahrat Square, one of the capital’s biggest roundabouts. The Syrian central bank, the Finance Ministry and state-run investment agency, a mosque and a school are located nearby.

The explosion also wounded at least 53 people, according to Syrian state TV.

It was the latest in a series of FSA terrorist car bombs and suicide bombings to hit the Syrian capital in recent months. TV images showed thick black smoke billowing from a wide street with several cars on fire. At least six bodies were seen lying on the pavement. Paramedics carried a young woman lying on a stretcher, her face bloodied, into an ambulance. Shaken teenage students holding their backpacks were seen walking away. The blast occurred some 20 meters from the Bukhari School.

Among the buildings damaged was the state-run Syrian Investment Agency. Several cars in the building’s parking lot were set ablaze in the explosion. Witnesses said a suicide attacker tried to storm the building with his vehicle but was stopped by guards. He then detonated his explosives outside the building.

Warning: Some footage may be graphic. (not for shock, 18+, viewer discretion advised, aimed only at documenting crimes by FSA terrorists in Syria)