Assad: “I have nothing in common with the deposed and disgraced leaders of Libya” ?

Editorial Comment:


Sophie Shevardnadze made an ill-informed remark today, stating Bashar Assad is “no Muammar Gaddafi”.

Although I agree with the statement I do not accept the intention behind it, which is blatantly insulting, revealing her lack of understanding of the Libyan struggle.

Muammar Gaddafi heroically confronted a far greater challenge than the one currently facing President Assad and he was aware of the scope and nature of the forces arrayed against Libya.

Unlike its Syrian counterpart, the former Libyan government ensured that every Libyan was armed and able to defend themselves and protect their democracy against invasion and recolonization.

Because Syrian citizens have been denied this right, they are easy prey for the FSA.

If the people of Libya wanted Muammar Gaddafi “gone”, they had the means to remove him, although he held no official political position of power. The fact is that they loved the Brother Leader.

Unlike Assad, who at this moment remains an official head of state, Muammar Gaddafi is among the greatest revolutionaries who ever lived and Libya was the first nation where the power of the people was realized, which readers can learn about here.

Muammar Gaddafi chose to fight with the people until death or victory. He fought with courage and dignity on the front lines where NATO’s assaults were the most brutal.

Although President Assad is an honorable man, you will never find him on a battlefield leading the charge against Syria’s enemies.

Bashar Assad has contributed to the media disinformation campaign against Libya when, for example, he is quoted from the latest interview stating:

…and here in this interview where he insists that he “is not afraid of meeting the same fate as the “deposed and disgraced leaders of Libya…he has nothing in common with them.”

To soften the blow he went on to add, describing what happened to Muammar Gaddafi,  “this is savage, this is [a] crime.”

Indeed it was criminal, yet Hezbollah and Iran joined the chorus of  Western propagandists, cheering on NATO’s slaughter of  over 500,000 Libyan civilians!

Are they still a credible “axis of resistance” with regards to Israel?

The many levels of barbarous treachery were and will remain appalling and shameful.

Assad should have stood apart from the savagery that led to the fall of a man who considered him a brother and friend.

What is happening in Syria parallels with astonishing precision the events that destroyed Libya.

The same players that formed the “friends of Libya” and the National Transitional Council (NTC) are behind the foreign-backed Syrian National Council (SNC) , and their NATO terrorist proxy armies were also the “Libyan rebel” al Qaeda death squads.

Libya stood alone and endured over eight months of unrelenting NATO aerial bombardments, which Syria has not and will not experience with Russia and China’s support.

The Resistance to NATO occupation in Libya continues along with the imperialist force’s racist pogrom and ethnic cleansing.  The Libyan war is far from over.

Syria has alliances Libya did not have, not because Syria is a superior, more virtuous nation, but because Libya was by far the most revolutionary country in the region that posed the greatest threat to imperialist hegemonic designs.

Fiercely sovereign, Libya would never have permitted a foreign military base on its soil, whereas Syria is host to Russia’s naval base in Tartus.

To educate pro-Syrian activists and alternative journalists about who Muammar Gaddafi was and what he will always represent to the revolutionary people of the world, I have posted this past week’s Muammar Gaddafi London Memorial for edification.

I also encourage sincere activists to refer to the following vital resources:

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We cannot help Syria unless we comprehend what happened to Libya and why.

Neither can we effectively and credibly support President Assad and the Syrian people by demonizing a great man,  Muammar Gaddafi.

In Revolutionary Solidarity,
Alexandra Valiente
Editor of Libya 360°  Syria 360°