A French doctor who served in Aleppo says 60 percent of militants he treated were non-Syrian and that they fight to win an Islamic State under Sharia Law for the Emirate.

Dr. Jacques Beres of Doctors without Borders served at a hospital in Aleppo for a two week period.

Syria has accused foreign countries of being behind foreign armed gangs from the outset of attacking and killing police, soldiers and civilians inside Syria for the purpose of toppling the Bashar Assad government.

Media reports suggest Saudi Arabia and Qatar are financing the anti-Syrian plot with the help of American, British and Israeli spy agencies.

Press TV has interviewed Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian, Washington about the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Dr. Tarpley according to this French doctor who’s just been back from Syria the majority of patients he treated there, the patients who were insurgents who were non-Syrian, how are these foreign insurgents recruited first of all?

Tarpley: Well, they’re recruited by networks of NATO intelligence. This is after all a CIA covert operation, they form a secret army. I can certainly confirm what this report says. That was already clear last November when I visited places like Damascus and Homs and Bani Yazd over on the coast.

The reports were that foreign fighters were a significant and growing part of this insurrection, so they’ve been recruited from Morocco to Pakistan and from Somalia to Chechnya.

In particular the Libyans are a big group because there was a direct airlift setup. The fighters, the Jihadists that were used by NATO intelligence to overthrow Gaddafi were loaded on airplanes and brought to Southern Turkey so that is what it is.

I think it would be important – we got all the way through Kofi Anan without having this brought up – maybe Brahimi can finally give us a report of what’s happening because this one single fact about the foreign fighters is so obvious, but somehow it doesn’t enter into the official discussions – obviously it should and maybe now it will.

Press TV: It seems these foreign fighters are receiving training and funding and the like from these foreign countries. What is the end game with these foreign insurgents there?

Tarpley: I have here an article from the Washington Post, which is all about how Turkey is dismayed, they’re shocked by what they have gotten themselves into. The Turks, Erdogan, reminds me of a boy who’s decided to stir up a hornet’s nest and he’s gotten stung and now he wants to blame the hornets. Well, Ah, you shouldn’t have started this is the first place.

What the Turkish opposition are correct in pointing out is that the foreign fighters you have mentioned don’t like Assad because he’s not the caliphate – he’s illegitimate because he’s not the caliphate. Well, Turkey is just as unacceptable from that point of view, Turkey is also not the caliphate.

So the Turkish opposition is wondering if these foreign fighters ever get done one way or another in Syria – either they are driven out or they are able to succeed, whichever way it goes, they are then going to turn on Turkey.

So, I think one of the lessons of the end game is Turkey would be well advised to pull back from this incalculable folly while there’s still time. And it’s totally artificial – If Turkey withdrew their support, this entire thing would come to an end within a couple of weeks.

Press TV: How much is there for Lakhdar Brahimi to do in Syria?

Tarpley: It depends on his initiative, I mean, some of the earlier reports are not so good. But if he decided that he was going to tell the world that this entire situation in Syria had been cynically deliberately systematically fomented by the negro-ponte faction of the US State Department in particular by Ambassador Ford of the United States who was part of this tradition.

They set up death squads in Salvador in Central America, they set up death squads then in Iraq and they’ve continued that, it’s a seamless progression from the death squads the US created in Iraq to the ones that they’ve now unleashed in Syria.

Just that one fact would tend to transform the diplomatic situation.