Al Fateh Hospital Raid by Turkey’s FSA Terrorists & Executed its Medical Team
Turkey’s FSA terrorists raid Al Fateh Hospital in Kafr Batna, Damascus Countryside, burned it down, executed its medical team, uploaded the video to their channels on 01 September 2012 before the Syrian Army entered the area, and claim it was attacked by the Syrian Army.

UK Ambulances Driven by FSA Terrorists in Turkey
It’s not the first time Turkish activists report crimes and breaches of international law by FSA terrorists supported by the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government of Erdogan, previous reports of Al Qaeda FSA terrorists filth from all sides of the Earth were harassing locals in Antakya. Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood government has also reported to smuggle weapons via ambulances to terrorists inside Syria.

Part of the Suffering of Iskandaron (Hatay) People from Al Qaeda Jihadists Fighting Syria
Turkey’s Erdogan Muslim Brotherhood government is infesting Iskandaron (Hatay) province with Jihadists, especially Jabhat Al Nusra fighters, who are part of Al Qaeda’s Levant branch fighting under the so called Free Syrian Army.

Turkish Analyst Explaining to the Blind Why Turks Are Against Erdogan’s Policies
11% of Turks only support the US Muslim Brotherhoods government of Turkey headed by the Zionist PM Erdogan’s policies in the region, 89% of Turks are against its policies, and that’s based on a poll conducted by Erdogan’s own government. Antakya’s residents took to the streets en masses as they’re witnessing smuggling terrorists from all sides of the world into Syria.

Terrorists aka “FSA” execute a Syrian Citizen 03-09-2012


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