Documentary to be produced by mercenary who fought with NATO-backed Libyan rebels

Paul Joseph Watson

Kony 2012 Style PR Stunt To Sell War On Syria libya%20missing%20american 741477439 v2.grid 8x2 A mercenary who was previously embedded with U.S. troops and also fought with Libyan rebels is set to produce a documentary film in an effort to propagandize for the invasion of Syria, drawing his inspiration from Kony 2012, the infamous “viral” video that drew widespread criticism for its role in using manipulative techniques to grease the skids for U.S. military intervention in Africa. 33-year-old American Matthew VanDyke is a film maker and war correspondent who was embedded with the U.S. Military in Iraq. In 2011, VanDyke traveled to Libya to fight with NATO-backed rebels, many of whom were members of LIFG, an Al-Qaeda offshoot responsible for killing U.S. troops in Iraq.

VanDyke was subsequently imprisoned by the Libyan regime for nearly six months but managed to escape and aid rebels in overthrowing Colonel Gaddafi and turning Libya, once the richest country in Africa, into a chaotic NATO puppet state run by “out of control” sectarian thugs who have imprisoned, tortured and killed thousands of black Libyans.

Despite his direct aid and support for the LIFG, a group listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, VanDyke faced no legal retribution from the U.S. government.

Even as many of the same Al-Qaeda terrorists who fought in Libya and Iraq now flood into Syria to back the insurgency against President Bashar Assad, VanDyke has announced he plans to travel to Syria to “join the rebels on the front line” and film a documentary as part of a “public relations campaign” to “generate an incredible amount of publicity” in creating support for the overthrow of the Syrian government.

Despite the fact that it was vehemently derided as a dumbed-down propaganda stunt which used falsehoods and emotional manipulation to convince viewers, VanDyke unashamedly cites Kony 2012 as his inspiration, noting that the film will be produced and released in the same manner.

As we documented at the time of its release, despite the fact that it used the plight of people in Uganda to push for further U.S. military intervention in Africa, Kony 2012 actually enraged Ugandan people who rioted during a screening of the film.

Indeed, the backlash to Kony 2012 grew so intense that it caused director Jason Russell to have a mental breakdown. Footage later emerged of Russell engaged in a drug-fueled naked fit during which he screamed and allegedly masturbated openly on the street.

VanDyke is asking for donations to fund the project, while also canvassing people on Twitter to “Donate to send 2 #Libya fighters to #Syria!” He is trying to raise a minimum of $19,500 but adds that a figure of $100,000 “would allow for a tremendous publicity campaign for the film!”

Just like Kony 2012, VanDyke plans to use happy-clappy emotional manipulation to hoodwink viewers. Despite the fact that rebels have carried out massacres and bombings as well as summary executions of pro-Assad captives, VanDyke plans to portray them in a “very human, moving, and distinctive way.”

Another ironic twist to VanDyke’s urge to help Syrian rebels is the fact that his journalist friend John Cantlie was recently captured by so-called ‘Syrian’ rebels who told him of their plans to bring Shariah law to Syria. In reality, the men were described as “foreign jihadists,” many of whom had English accents and were from Britain, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It’s also ironic that VanDyke calls himself a Christian, yet he is mobilizing funds to bankroll a pro-Syrian rebel documentary despite the fact that Syrian rebels have ransacked numerous Christian churches.

Despite a massive establishment media public relations campaign implying that Assad’s demise is just around the corner, insurgents are failing to make much progress against government forces in major cities. This is presumably why the military-industrial complex and mercenaries like VanDyke are being called upon to launch a new propaganda offensive aimed at legitimizing a NATO invasion.

While the RAND corporation is now citing the presence of Al-Qaeda fighters put there in the first place by NATO powers as a reason to intervene, VanDyke’s role will be to characterize Syrian rebels as democratic freedom fighters, when in reality they are largely comprised of opportunists and foreign insurgents doing the bidding of NATO in toppling Syria as the next phase of the contrived “Arab spring”.

Published on 1 Aug 2012 by SyrianGirlpartisan A US mercenary who helped the Al CIAda affiliated NATO puppeted Libyan insurgents destroy their home country has now set his sights on now destroying Syria. He is co-ordinating sending libyan terrorists into Syria and he know wants to film a Kony 2012 style documentary about Syria. May he be mocked and humiliated just as his predecessor.
Syria is not a ‘public revolution’ but rather herds of mercenaries come to destroy this independent nation by wrecking havoc and inflicting strife among its communities.