The Guardian: Groups of ‘Jihadists’ Sympathetic to al-Qaeda Cross into Syria from Turkey

LONDON, (SANA)- The British Guardian newspaper revealed that groups of what they call themselves ‘Jihadists’, many with al-Qaeda sympathies and sharing its ideology, have infiltrated into Syria from Turkey in the past two weeks and are planning to joint the terrorist groups in Aleppo.

The newspaper’s correspondent in Beirut, Martin Chulov, reported in an article published on Monday that “scores of foreign jihadists have crossed into Syria from Turkey.”

Quoting Syrian residents and a Turkish smuggler the Guardian said that “many of the men have come from the Caucasus, while others had arrived from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Gulf Arab states.”

It added that leaders of armed terrorist groups inside Syria have admitted that “about 15-20 foreign fighters have been crossing each day since mid-July, trying to join up with an estimated 200-300 foreigners in Syria,” and connect with the groups inside Syria “who at least partly share their ideology.

Members of the so-called Free Army admitted, according to the Guardian, that “at least four groups not aligned to them” are fighting in Syria including a Libyan guerilla brigade.

Indicators stress that the actual number of these foreign groups is likely to be higher which are “especially active in detonating roadside bombs against regime targets,” among them are Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham groups, who have acknowledged that they adhere to the al-Qaeda views.

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Foreign Ministry to UNSC Head and UN Secretary General: Terrorists Backed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey Committed Horrifying Crimes Against Civilians

In two identical letters addressed to the head of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that during the past few days, armed terrorist groups carried out attacks against innocent civilians and public and private property in Syria, particularly in Damascus and Aleppo.

The Ministry said that these armed terrorist group – which are backed openly with funds and weapons by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey – committed horrifying crimes against innocent civilians in Damascus and Aleppo and are still doing so in Aleppo, where a large number of these terrorist mercenaries gathered as their entry into Syria was facilitated by Turkey, and they occupied several crowded neighborhoods and used locals as human shields, killing everyone that doesn’t support their crimes and forcing others to leave their homes at gunpoint.

The letters pointed out that what calls attention is that all this took place after the recent visit of UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan in July 8th 2012, during which an agreement was reached regarding a number of steps to restore security and stability and Syria through the six-point plan and the results of the Geneva meeting.

The Ministry said that it’s regrettable that those who claim to care for Syria and for ending the bloodshed of its people never made any calls for terrorist groups to end their armed operations and join the political process requested by the UN and approved by Syria to end bloodshed.

The letters noted that all the attempts made by the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) in cooperation with the Syrian government to launch a political process failed due to the terrorists’ refusal to engage in any political process, adding that this shouldn’t surprise anyone because the terrorists’ representatives refused engaging in such a process and issued dozens of statements rejecting the six-point plan, the results of the Geneva meeting, and what was agreed upon during Annan’s visit to Damascus.

The Ministry said that hypocritical voices are growing louder in the capitals conspiring against Syria – particularly in Ankara, Doha, Riyadh, Washington, Paris, London and Berlin – and that they’re accusing the Syrian government of escalating the situation rather than accusing the terrorists who attacked Damascus, Aleppo and other cities in a desperate attempt to provide a political cover for the actions of these groups – which include terrorists from Arab and foreign countries – and to provide material and moral support for them and cover up their crimes.

The letters went on to elaborate that these capitals’ support for the terrorist groups includes the calls made by these countries’ officials to hold other meetings of the UNSC and General Assembly to discuss Syria, despite the fact that the Syrian government and law-enforcement forces are exercising their right to defend innocent civilians as per international law, international humanitarian law, human rights law, and the international agreement signed by the Syrian government and the UNSMIS in 19/4/2012, specifically item 16 of said agreement.

The Ministry said that the most surprising thing is that some international sides – specifically permanent and non-permanent members of the UNSC – decided to work outside the UNSC and its procedures, which means that they relinquished their responsibilities and that they aim to escalate the Syrian crisis to reach their well-known goals of altering Syria’s principle positions, imposing political conditions on it that contradict its people’s aspirations, and destroying the Syrian state.

The letters said that out of concern over the moral role of the UNSC and in compliance with the UN Charter, Syria calls on all UNSC members to demand that armed groups withdraw from the Syrian cities they attacked and cease their terrorism, and to demand that the countries supporting the terrorists cease their blatant tactics and support Annan’s six-point plan and the agreement reached during Annan’s meeting with the Syrian leadership in Damascus.

The Ministry concluded by saying that the Syrian government reiterates its commitment to carrying out Annan’s plan and initiative and that that it welcomes the results of the Geneva meeting out of its declared belief that there is no solution for the Syrian crisis except through having the Syrian people’s representatives engage in national dialogue to find a way out that ends bloodshed, protects Syrians’ dignity, and guarantees the building of Syria’s future and its stability through a Syrian decision and under a Syrian leadership.

Turkish Newspaper Documents with a Videotape Turkey’s Intelligence involvement in Perpetrating an attack on a Syrian Village

Turkish Yurt Newspaper underlined with documented proofs that the Turkish intelligence is involved in carrying out terrorist attacks in Syria, revealing that the camps set up by the Turkish government on the borders became havens for the terrorist groups which perpetrate massacres against the Syrians.

The Newspaper showed in a videotape broadcast on its website a number of Turkish terrorists, speak the Turkish Language, attacking the police center of the Syrian al-Sha’abaniya village after they infiltrated through the Turkish borders into the village.

Yurt added that the videotapes show the attackers from the Turkish Intelligence entering al-Sha;abaniya village through Yayaladagi city, and the Salafi groups which reside in the so-called the camps of refugees informed the families that members of the Turkish intelligence participated in the attack.

The Newspaper quoted a number of the residents in that area as saying that a number of the armed terrorist groups which reside in the camps infiltrated through the Turkish borders in order to perpetrate similar attacks and massacres in Syria where the Turkish guards didn’t prevent them from sneaking into Syria.

Local source also stressed that Yayaladagi city changed into a haven for thousands of terrorists where the Turkish government do nothing to protect the Turkish citizens.

Cars Equipped with Machineguns Destroyed, Terrorists Killed in Aleppo, Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon Foiled

Armed forces continued chasing the fleeing terrorist groups in the area of Ard al-Sabbagh in Salah Eddin neighborhood in Aleppo, killing and injuring a large number of terrorists, some of them holding Arab and African nationalities.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorist Ahmad Haj Qasem bin Abdul-Rahman, one of the leaders of the armed groups in the northern region was killed.

The source added that the authorities inflicted heavy losses among the terrorists’ ranks as Yaser Mehi Eddin Abbas and Rajab Mohammad Hamimi were indentified among the dead.

After receiving information about a gathering of terrorists in al-Nairab neighborhood in Aleppo and verifying this information, the authorities raided the terrorists’ hideouts and inflicted heavy losses upon them.

On a relevant note, a unit of the Syrian armed forces attacked a terrorist group near Khayata fuel station between al-Sukkari and Salah Eddin neighborhoods, eliminating scores of terrorists.

In the same context, the armed forces on Monday ambushed a terrorist group of 400 to 500 members who were using 30 pick up cars in Handarat town in northern Aleppo.

The armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists and destroyed their cars.

Nine Cars Equipped with Machineguns Destroyed, Terrorists Killed in Aleppo

The authorities clashed with armed terrorist groups driving 4WD cars equipped with Dushka machineguns which were perpetrating killing and sabotage acts in Daret Azzeh and Qibtan al-Jabal in Aleppo countryside.

A source in Aleppo province told SANA reporter that the clashes resulted in destroying 9 cars and the killing of all the terrorists in them.

Armed Forces Chase Vanquished Terrorists in Salah Eddin Neighborhood in Aleppo

Armed forces continued chasing terrorists in Salah Eddin neighborhood in Aleppo , inflicted heavy losses upon them and seized their weapons.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorists Ammar Abdul-Hai, Ahmad Abdul-Haj Qasem, Anas Haj Othman, Omar Ahmad Barakat, Ibrahim Manafikhi and Ahmad Yousef Janoudi were indentified among the dead.

Authorities Pursue Armed Terrorist Groups in Aleppo, Killing 17 Terrorists

The authorities pursued a number of armed terrorist groups in Aleppo, killing 17 terrorists.

An source in Aleppo province said that the authorities pursued an armed group which intimidated the civilians in al-Jameeliya area, killing 11 terrorists, while the authorities killed 6 others in Saadallah al-Jaberi Square.

The source added that the authorities pursued an armed terrorist group which horrified the citizens through shooting fire randomly in al-Mohafaza area.

Terrorists Killed and Injured While Placing Explosives in Warehouse in Aleppo

An official source told SANA that an armed terrorist group managed to take control of a warehouse in Aleppo where military uniform and food supplies are stored, then proceeded to set explosives in it, but one of the explosives went off as they were planting it, causing the remaining charges to explode as well, killing and injuring scores of terrorists.

Authorities Seize Truck Loaded with Explosives in Aleppo Countryside

Authorities on Monday captured a truck loaded with large amounts of explosive devices and detonators in Ourm al-Kubra area in Aleppo Countryside.

A source in the Province said that the car’s destination was the terrorist groups in Aleppo, adding that three terrorists who were escorting the truck were arrested.

Terrorist Group Infiltrating from Lebanon Repelled

In Homs province, the authorities early Tuesday repelled an armed terrorist group that tried to cross the border from Lebanon at Halat site in the countryside of Talkalakh city.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the armed terrorist group fired machineguns and missile shells from inside the Lebanese territories at al-Dabousiyeh border crossing to cover another group that attempted to infiltrate at Halat site.

The source added that the authorities managed to foil the attempt and inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists.

Authorities Track and Arrest Terrorists in Daraa

With residents’ cooperation, authorities on Monday in Daraa tracked an armed terrorist group in the towns of Jeb al-Safa and Qara in Daraa Countryside.

A source at Daraa said that the authorities stormed the terrorists’ den and arrested them.

Authorities Pursue Armed Terrorist Group in Hama Countryside

Authorities in Hama province pursued on Tuesday an armed terrorist group which was terrorizing citizens in Okeirbat district in Hama countryside.

A source in the province told SANA  correspondent that the authorities pursued terrorists  in Hama countryside and inflicted on them heavy losses.

The authorities seized weapons including rifles, snipers, PKC machine guns, RPGs, local-made missiles and communication sets.

Gatilov: Tendentious Media Try to Make up for Opposition’s Failure

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov, said some media outlets are providing advance coverage of the events in Syria.

Posting on his page on the internet, Gatilov pointed out that tendentious media outlets are trying by all means to make up for what the opposition has failed to achieve.

Journalists Union Calls on Arab Union to Condemn the Terrorists’ Acts against Syrian Media

The Journalists Union on Tuesday called on the Arab Journalists Union to circulate condemnation of the parties that are funding and supporting the armed groups in Syria and inciting for the killing of journalists.

The call came in a letter addressed to the Arab Union informing it of the recent abduction of a number of Syrian journalists.

The letter clarified that the abduction coincided with assault on other journalists and the cutting off of the broadcast of Addounia satellite channel.

The letter also referred to the plans of Arab and foreign intelligence services to hijack the Syrian satellite channels to broadcast false news to mislead the Syrian public.

The Syrian Union stressed that the targeting of Syrian media and journalists is an attempt to obliterate the truth of the conspiracy against Syria that is aimed at undermining the state’s structure, destroying its institutions and eliminating its experts and men of science and skills.

The letter expressed the Syrian journalists’ condemnation of the terrorist groups’ acts of killing, abduction and sabotage directed against the media men and institutions and their adherence to the political solution.

The Union called on the Arab Journalists Union to assume its professional responsibility and denounce the crimes committed by the armed groups against the Syria media and journalists which have exposed the false claims of freedom and democracy made by some.

Citizens Involved in Recent Events Turn Themselves In

133 citizens who were misled and got involved in the recent events in the country and whose hands are clear of the Syrian blood handed themselves and their weapons in to the authorities in Damascus and its Countryside, Homs and Idleb.

The citizens were released to go back to normal life after pledging not to take up arms again or take part in sabotage acts or participate in acts that affect Syria’s security and stability in the future.

Gennady Zyuganov Condemns US Double-Standard Policy on Syria

Chairman of the Russian Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov condemned on Tuesday the US hostile acts and the double-standard policy against Syria, calling for stopping its interference in the internal affairs of Syria and respecting the UN Charter.

In a statement, Zyuganov said that the West has been practicing for one and a half year a fierce attack against Syria in addition to the arrogant statements which brag about democracy and human rights.

He added that the advocates of globalization have shown their thirst for blood through encouraging bloodshed in Syria and through presenting the acts of local extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood gunmen as popular protests, adding that the so-called Syrian opposition consists of more than 65000 mercenaries from Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Jordan.

He called on the Russian Foreign Ministry to continue its ‘constructive stance’ which calls for a settlement for the crisis in Syria without military interference.

Russian Embassy in Damascus Works as Normal

The Press Attaché at the Russian Embassy in Damascus Artyom Savelyev announced that the Embassy didn’t receive any instructions from Moscow on evacuating the Russian citizens or any changes in the Embassy’s work related to the Russian government’s decision to enlist Syria within the schedule of the states which live in “emergency case conditions.”

“The Russian Embassy in Damascus didn’t receive any instructions on deceasing the staff number or evacuating the families of the Russian diplomats,” Savelyev said in a statement issued in Moscow on Tuesday.

Savelyev added that the situation in Damascus is calm and life runs as normal in the holy month of Ramadan.

World Oldest Alphabet Reveals Life of Ugarit Kingdom

Pottery shards discovered in Ugarit tell the story of this Kingdom in different political, economic, social and cultural features and reveal the grandeur of ancient Lattakia.

The excavation works carried out in the old city of Lattakia indicate that the current city was the southern suburb of Ugarit.

Head of Lattakia Antiquity Directorate, Jamal Haidar, said that the peak of Ugarit’s prosperity was in the Modern Bronze Age, 1200 to 1600 BC, being an economic linkage between Cyprus and other civilizations in the Mediterranean.

Haidar added that the archeological finds uncovered in the city are kept in the Syrian museums of Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia and Tartous in addition to Louvre Museum in Paris.

The most important find of all is the tablet containing the Ugarit alphabet which is preserved in the National Museum in Damascus. This tablet is only figure-size, yet the thirty Ugarit alphabetical symbols were engraved on it, according to Haidar.

This alphabet is considered the oldest in the world, which replaced the system of the then spread syllable writing with the modern style of writing as we know it today.

The site of Ugarit was as generous as it provides many archeological finds that reflect the life circle back then, including holy sculptures, ivory furniture, weapons, metal and pottery pots.

Head of Ugarit Site, Ghassan al-Qayem, said that the Ugarit pottery pots and jars were of high artistic sense, adding that some of them are preserved in Louvre Museum, quoting the Greek poet Homer as saying ” there are no pots that compete the beauty of the Ugarit’s.”

Al-Qayem pointed out that 75-year excavation works could only uncover a quarter of the whole city.

He said that the tablets could tell us a lot about the life of Ugarit Kingdom, indicating that the people of the old city were famous for manufacturing wood, metal, pottery jars and textile, and they used to plant wheat and barley which were all exported abroad.