President al-Assad Issues Law on Establishing Court to Look into Terrorism-linked Crimes

President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday issued law No. 22 for 2012 on establishing a court to look into terrorism-linked issues with its headquarters in Damascus.

The law provides for the possibility of establishing more other headquarters when necessary by a decision from the Higher Judicial Council.

The court has jurisdiction over civilian and military personnel.

Minister of Justice Radwan al-Habib said the anti-terrorism law No 19 includes putting appropriate legal rules for the high-risk crimes in a way that achieves a balance between the rights of the citizens to guarantee their freedom and dignity and the right of the state to protect its integrity and preserve its higher interests.

People’s Assembly Approves Draft Law on Establishing Court for Terrorism-linked Crimes

The People’s Assembly on Wednesday approved a draft law on establishing a special court to look into terrorism-linked crimes.

The new law came after the issuance of Terrorism Law No. 19 for 2012 which did not provide for specifying a judicial body to be charged with dealing with the crimes stated in the Law.

During its meeting within its first extraordinary session under the chairmanship of Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, the People’s Assembly also agreed on its office’s proposal on establishing headquarters for the MPs in the provinces to be able to keep close contact with the citizens and help meet their needs.

These headquarters are to be connected only with the legislative authority and to be secured by means of rental or investment or any other legal means.

The Assembly’s members views the important of establishing such headquarters in terms of keeping communication with the citizens in the members’ province or region especially to make best use of the time when there are no sessions, regular or extraordinary, to be held.

The aim of these headquarters is to ensure place for receiving citizens and listening directly to their complaints and demands, without affecting the Assembly’s members’ tours in all areas to get more acquainted with the citizens’ concerns.

The discussion during the meeting focused on the necessity of having offices affiliated to the Assembly in all the provinces to deepen the members’ field communication with the citizens and reduce the burden of travel on the citizens.

MPs pointed out to the importance of establishing those offices as they come in the framework of developing the work of the legislative institution through organizing periodical meetings with social and economic activities and members of executive authority.

They stressed that the MPs should keep their houses open to citizens to listen to their demands along with the Assembly’s offices.

Other MPs pointed out to the importance of holding a session dedicated to developing the work mechanisms of the Assembly.

The session was adjourned until 12 PM on Tuesday October 2nd, 2012.