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Perhaps some readers can access SANA, but from my location SANA is either blocked or down again. I will post today’s headlines from SANA TV, which is still available.

Please take note of Syria’s psy-ops alert.



Ministry of Information: Stopping Broadcast of Addounia TV on Arabsat and Nilesat Preparatory Step to Launch Misleading Campaign of False News

The administrations of Arabsat and Nilesat on Thursday stopped the broadcast of Addounia TV Channel.

You can watch the live broadcast of Addounia TV on the following frequency, Satellite: Nilesat / Frequency: 10921 / Polarization: Vertical.

Ministry of Information said that stopping broadcast of Addounia TV is a preparatory step to launch a campaign of false news and photos by instigative channels.

“We want to assure our people that the government and the Syrian armed forces are ready for such step,” said that Ministry, adding that what these satellite channels broadcast and will broadcast is “completely untrue”.

Security Company in Qatar Make Models Analogous to Buildings and Places in Syrian Cites to Fake Videos on Situation in Syria

A security company in Qatar specialized in manufacturing models has started executive preparations in a move that is aimed at misleading the public opinion about what is going on in Syria.

According to special sources, the company has manufactured models analogous to official buildings and squares in Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia in al-Zoubareh region near Doha.

The sources quoted eye witnesses as saying that the company started gathering people to make them wear special customs to represent military personnel and photographers as if from the Syrian TV channels and prepared public, private and military cars with fake Syrian registration plates to film fake videos and fabricated photos about the situation in Syria.

Ministry of Information: News and Photos Broadcast by Some Media on Terrorist Bombing at National Security HQ Baseless

The Ministry of Information said “Since the terrorist bombing which caused the death of Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense Gen. Dawood Rajiha, Deputy Minister of Defense Gen. Asef Shawkat and Assistant Vice-President Gen. Hassan Turkmani hundreds of websites, social networking websites and satellite channels started broadcasting huge amount of information, news and photos aimed at undermining the morals of the Syrian citizen.”

In its statement on Wednesday, the Ministry stressed that all these news and photos are baseless and have been prepared by western intelligence apparatuses and psychological war centers, adding that the goals of this campaign revealed a clear weakness on the side of the conspirators against Syria abroad and their tools inside Syria.

The statement added that weakness and frustration pushed these websites and satellite channels towards such a desperate attempt to get out of its frustration.

The statement pointed out that “the Ministry condemns this cheap manner of media and calls for giving up these ways which have been exposed to the public opinion” as it calls these satellite channels and websites to admit of their failure in their open media war against Syria.

The ministry stressed that the hired media will not be able to achieve what the armed gangs failed to achieve.

Al-Zoubi: Responsibility for Terrorist Explosion in Damascus Lies with the Countries Sending Money and Arms to Syria

Earlier, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stressed in an interview with the Syrian TV that the terrorist explosion which targeted the National Security headquarters in Damascus expresses Syria’s enemies’ feeling of weakness and frustration at the strength and firmness of the Syrian Arab Army and at the terrorists’ failure to undermine the Army’s unity.

The Minister held the Qatari, Saudi, Turkish and Israeli intelligence accountable for the terrorist bombing which hit the building of the National Security.

He added that Arab and western governments, intelligence systems and agents are legally, politically and morally responsible for the killing, assassination and sabotage acts taking place in Syria for sending money and arms to the terrorists in it and that they will be punished for their crimes.

Al-Zoubi said that the Syrian army will protect the country and safeguard the homeland, calling upon the intelligence systems, agents and governments which conspired against Syria and its people to stop their terrorist activities.

He said that “We are a real state, a real people and a real army…We have always been able to defend ourselves against any aggression and conspiracies… We will hold them accountable according to the legal, moral, political and legitimate international tools.”

The Minister said that this coward terrorist act, which came a few days after successful military maneuvers were conducted by the Syrian armed forces which proved the Syrian army’s firmness and ability to confront any foreign attack indicates the weakness and the frustration of Syria’s enemies, which pushed those who supply the terrorists with money and arms to target the leaders of this army.

Al-Zoubi said that what happened today is “the last chapter of the U.S.-Western-Israeli conspiracy against Syria”, stressing that the morals of the Syrian people and Army are high and at their best and that Syria’s enemies are mistaken in their assessment of the strength of the people, army and the country.

He dismissed what the satellite channels that are involved in shedding the Syrian blood have reported on explosions taking place in Damascus as “completely untrue”, stressing that Syria will not let these channels which went too far in the media war on the Syrian people get away with their crime of instigation against Syria and that they will be sued.

Al-Zoubi underscored the Syrian Armed Forces’ full preparedness and determination to uproot terrorism in Syria.

Mayaleh: News Broadcast on SYP Exchange Rate Exaggerated and Untrue

Governor of Central Bank of Syria, Dr, Adib Mayaleh, stressed that the news broadcast by the satellite channels on the SYP exchange rates “exaggerated and untrue” and it aims to provoke panic among citizens.

He added that the USD/SYP exchange rate hit 68.30 for selling according to the CBS bulletin for market dealings while the selling price of Euro was set at 84.11.

He stressed that the CBS fulfills the market needs of foreign currency through banks and licensed exchange offices.

Mayaleh said that those who violated the exchange bulletin or regulations in force are partners in the conspiracy hatched against Syria and they will be punished according to the law.

Terrorists Attempting to Cross Border from Lebanon Repelled

The authorities on Wednesday night repelled armed terrorist groups that attempted to cross the borders from Lebanon into Syria at the sites of Edlin, al-Shaara, Jisr Qmar and al-Armouteh.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the terrorist groups tried to infiltrate into the Syrian territories after firing on the Border Guards using RPGs and machineguns.

The source said that the authorities clashed with the terrorist groups’ members and inflicted heavy losses upon them, while some of them fled back to the Lebanese territories.

Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Talkalakh and al-Qseir

In the same context, the source said that the authorities repelled attacks by armed terrorist groups on citizens and law enforcement personnel in Talkalakh and al-Qseir in the countryside of Homs inflicting heavy losses among their members.

Russia Proposes Second Meeting for Action Group on Syria

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia has proposed to the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Kofi Anna, holding a second round of talks of the international action group on Syria on the level of political experts.

In a statement to the journalists in Moscow, Lavrov stressed the need for such a meeting to consider the mechanism of implementing what was agreed on, adding that the western countries are working hard to prevent the UN Security Council from adopting Geneva agreements.

Lavrov added that Annan viewed the Russian proposal as useful and that he will discuss it with other participants, indicating that the Russian side also talked about the need to fix the mistake of not inviting Iran and Saudi Arabia to Geneva.

Minister of Defense Sworn in before President a-Assad

General Fahd Jassem al-Freij on Thursday was sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad as Minister of Defense.

Afterwards, President al-Assad received the Minister of Defense and provided him with his directions, wishing him success in his duties.

General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces: Resolution to Decisively Clear the Homeland of the Criminal Gangs

The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said that the terrorist explosion which targeted the National Security headquarters in Damascus on Wednesday morning while a meeting of a number of ministers and senior security officials was taking place is a new criminal escalation carried out by the hireling tools that are implementing foreign plots.

A statement by the General Command mentioned that Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense Gen. Dawood Abdullah Rajiha and Deputy Minister of Defense Gen. Asef Shawkat were martyred in the explosion and other attendees were injured.

While paying tribute to its heroic martyrs, the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces stresses resolution to decisively eliminating the criminal and murder gangs and chasing them out of their rotten hideouts wherever they are until clearing the homeland of their evils,” the statement said.

It added that whoever thinks that by targeting some leaders they could twist Syria’s arms is “deluded”, affirming that “Syria, people, army and leadership, is today more determined to counter terrorism with all its forms and cutting off the hand of whoever thinks to harm Syria’s security.”

The General Command concluded its statement by saying that “this coward terrorist act will but increase the Armed Forces men’s determination to clear the homeland of the armed terrorist groups and preserve Syria’s dignity and the sovereignty of its independent national decision.”