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The FSA atrocities are exactly the same as those committed by NATO’s “rebels” in Libya because they were committed by the same terrorist groups.

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NATO-backed “pro-democracy” activists commit brutal atrocities

Paul Joseph Watson

In this video, family members of slain children accuse Syrian rebels of committing the atrocity.

A civilian is hung from a tree by Syrian rebels, allegedly because he told UN monitors information the rebels didn’t want to be known.

A mentally ill man is beaten, hanged and then shot in the head by Syrian rebels who chant “Allahu Akbar.”

This woman’s son, Sari Saoud, was shot in Homs. While Al-Jazeera claimed it was the army that killed him, the woman insisted it was the insurgents.

Pro-Assad activists who organized rallies in support of the government were kidnapped, tortured and killed by Syrian rebels.

In this video, bodies of soldiers killed by rebels are dumped into the Orontes River. The men chant “Allahu Akbar.” CNN whitewashed the story and claimed the jury was still out on the perpetrators, but the victim is clearly a pro-government activist judging by a translation of what is said in the clip.

This disturbing clip shows rebels insulting an an Alawite Syrian civilian before decapitating him.

This clip shows a civilian accused of being a “traitor” beaten and tortured, with later images on Facebook showing his severed head.

This clip shows Syrian rebels laughing at the mutilated bodies of Syrian soldiers.