HOMS, – Homs Governorate said on Tuesday that its efforts to rescue civilians trapped in neighborhoods where armed terrorist groups are located have failed, and that mediators dealing with other sides informed the Governorate that the terrorists refused to allow any citizen to leave these areas.

In a statement, the Governorate said that this situation endangers the lives of innocent civilians, especially children, women, elderly and individuals with special needs, and that it shows that the terrorist continue to threaten and terrorize civilians and refuse to comply with the efforts being exerted for around a week to evacuate these citizens.

The Governorate called upon all those who sincerely want to help to participate in rescuing the citizens trapped in these neighborhoods and help end this tragic situation, affirming that the terrorist groups are accountable for the lives of these citizens due to their refusal to let them leave.

The statement concluded by affirming that the Government took all necessary steps to evacuate these citizens without any restrictions or conditions, and that it complied fully with the UN observer mission and prepared all possible necessities that citizens will need when they leave the neighborhoods afflicted by terrorist groups.

H. Sabbagh

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry: Armed Terrorist Groups Have Once Again Foiled Efforts to Evacuate Wounded People and Families from Homs

Jun 21, 2012


DAMASCUS, (SANA) – An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stated on Thursday that the Ministry, the authorities concerned and the local authorities in Homs city have exerted efforts to enable the International Red Cross and the Syrian Red Crescent to enter the areas where the armed terrorist groups exist in order to evacuate the wounded, the elders, children, women, people with special needs and the other citizens and to enter medical and food aid; however, the armed terrorist groups once again foiled all efforts.

The source pointed out that the armed terrorist groups fired at the Red Crescent and the Red Cross delegation and announced their rejection of evacuating any wounded or ill citizen.

These terrorist practices which violate the international human law uncover once again the criminal nature of those armed groups and the nature of their regional and international supporters, the source added.

Syria calls on the UN Secretary-General, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) to shoulder their responsibilities and exert pressure on the armed terrorist groups to force them to abide by the human logic, the source noted.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry’s source reiterated Syria’s commitment to the safety and security of the citizens and cooperation with the international community to end the suffering of the citizens in the areas where the armed terrorist groups exist.