Syrian TV Shows Documentary on Bombings Planned and Carried out by Al Qaeda-Affiliated Jabhet al-Nasra in Damascus

The Syrian TV broadcast on Saturday a documentary shedding light on the terrorist bombings which took place in Damascus, revealing that terrorists of various nationalities from the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda, planned and carried out these bombings which killed and wounded hundreds.

The documentary revealed that the terrorist bombings which targeted al-Qazzaz area on March 8th was carried out by terrorists from this group who drove two cars rigged earlier with explosives in a farm in al-Mleiha area southeast of Damascus.


The two cars were driven by a Jordanian terrorist nicknamed Abu Musaab and a Syrian Palestinian called Mohammad Ali Ghazi, and were trailed by an Iraqi known as Marwan who supervised the operation.


Mohammad’s brother, Muayad Ali Ghazi, provided one of the cars and helped rig all the car bombs used in Damascus, along with terrorist Mohammad Ahmad Kamaleddin, a Syrian from Serghaya, Yasser, another Syrian, and an Iraqi known as Allawi.


The documentary included testimonies by terrorist Mohammad Amin Ali Abdullah, a member of Jabhat al-Nusra. A medical student from Deir Ezzor, Abdullah recounted the details of how he was recruited by a member of the terrorist organization Yousef al-Hajr, who used extremist preaching to lure Abdullah into the group.


After initially asking him to play a medical role in their organization, al-Hajr urged Abdullah to take a more active role in armed activity. Afterwards, he began meeting gunmen from Iraq who came to join the group, and later learned that their organization was affiliated to Al Qaeda.


Abdullah was made to participate in the manufacture of explosives and the rigging of car bombs which was supervised by the aforementioned Iraqi Marwan, and only after seeing footage of the first bombing did he realize that he has become an accomplice.

He said that Jabhat al-Nusra is active all over Syria, and that it cooperated with the “Free Army” but effectively worked independently. He also spoke about how the members of the group brainwashed recruits using religion twisted to their own purposes.


The documentary then showed footage from security cameras from the bombing that took place in al-Qassa’a area which was carried out by terrorist Omar Abbas al-Masri, nicknamed Abu Hajar al-Shami, 29 years old, a Syrian from Idleb.


Omar bought a red Chevrolet car from Barzeh, paid in cash and circumvented the official registration procedures. The car was rigged with explosives in Yelda.

The documentary showed that the four booby-trapped cars which targeted al-Jamarek, Kafarsousseh, al-Qassa’a and the Criminal Security Department in al-Jamark were all rigged with explosives in Yelda in Damascus countryside.


Abbas Omar al-Masri, father of the terrorist Omar, said that Omar served a sentence in Roumieh prison in Lebanon, recounting that when he used to visit him in the prison, he sensed a change in his mind that he became a religious takfiri extremist.

The terrorist Majdi Hassan Ammoura supervised the terrorist bombing carried out by Omar Abbas al-Masri and masterminded other booby-trapped cars’ explosions in Idleb. Ammoura 36 years old, is of a Palestinian origin.


The documentary showed that the terrorist AbdulSalam Awwad al-Ali al-Hayyawi, nicknamed Abu Omar al-Shami from Deir Ezzor,23 years old, was the one who carried out al-Midan terrorist bombing using a 30-kg explosive-laden belt on April 27th.


The documentary revealed that the explosives used in the terrorist bombings were manufactured at a blacksmith shop in Akraba, owned by the terrorist Said Mahmoud Hamada,36 years old, nicknamed Abu Salah, who was a senior member of Jabhat al-Nusra. He recruited an Iraqi explosives’ expert called Taha.

M. Ismael/H. Sabbagh