Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari reiterated that the Syrian government is ready to do everything in its power to make the mission of the UN envoy a success, indicating that Syria has offered all necessary facilitations for Annan’s plan and the UN observer mission.

He added that the door is always open for those who want a serious dialogue and real change and there is no problem with the opposition which rejects foreign interference.

Al-Jaafari: Al-Qubeir Massacre was Committed 5 Hours before any Clashes Happened

Al-Jaafari said that killing innocent civilians in al-Qubeir took place 5 hours before any clashes happened, adding that the images broadcast by al-Jazeera and al-Arabia are not those of the massacre victims.

”The Syrian TVs will air the true images of the massacre…The instigative media channels have taken to airing such fabrications before the UN Security Council meetings,” added al-Jaafari.

He said that the locals affirmed that the gunmen who committed the crime came from another village called ”Jreijes” which led the locals to call for the help of the law-enforcement members.

”What is taking place in some parts of Syria is an unjustifiable heinous massacre, but some statements made during this session are part of the butchery, since the diagnosis of the situation is incorrect as it is based on political and media operation rooms that are detached from the situation on the ground,” al-Jaafari added.

”The Syrian government extends a hand of reconciliation with all political powers whose hands are clear of the Syrian blood to reach the shores of safety we all spire to,” al-Jaafari said.

Al-Jaafari : some powers have persisted in casting doubts on Annan’s plan

Al-Jaafari said that some powers have persisted in casting doubts on Annan’s plan even before it started that someone gave it a 30 percent success rate, while others considered the international observers to be false witnesses, called for foreign intervention and instigated Syrians to carry weapons to kill each other and reject dialogue, and supported armed terrorist groups.

”I’d like to cite one example, Lutfallah 2 ship, which was carrying weapons from Libya to the armed groups in Syria via Lebanon. Also three days ago, a new salafi gathering named ‘Syrian Rebels Front’ was announced in Istanbul with the declared goal of unifying the armed factions in Syria, considering that what they called the ‘battle for liberating Syria has started’ …It is clear that such a motto goes against Annan’s plan” al-Jaafari said.

He indicated that some countries which are backing violence in Syria argue that the violence of the armed groups is but a reaction, in an attempt to justify the terror acts.

”Are suicide bombings that targeted Syria acts in self-defense? Are attacks on hospitals, medical staffs and schools democratic aspects?” al-Jaafari asked.

Al-Jaafari said that the countries which are supporting terrorists and facilitating their crimes in Syria are complicit in the bloodshed in Syria, adding that Syria is ready to receive an investigation committee from objective countries who are opposed to foreign meddling in the Syrian affairs.

He considered that Nabil al-Arabi’s accusations contradict the initial report of the UN observer mission in Syria.

Al-Jaafari said ”I’d like to know the attitude of the UN to the illegitimate, unilateral sanctions imposed on 23 million Syrian citizens that did not spare gas and fuel.”

Al-Jaafari: Terror acts officially adopted by armed groups which boast of committing them

Al-Jaafari added that all terrorist acts have been adopted by the armed terrorist groups which boast of committing them, underlining ” those who deny weapon smuggling into Syria and deny the accusations directed to them of igniting terrorism and shedding the Syrian blood by al-Qaeda and Salafis-backed groups are partners in terrorism that should be brought to justice.”

He said that the Arab League Secretary General held the Syrian authorities responsible for al-Houla massacre in his letter sent to the UNSC Chief on May 27th, when he said “the painful massacre perpetrated by the Syrian military forces in al-Houla”, then he return today to accuse the Syrian authorities of the heinous, ugly and unjustified massacre of al-Qbeir village in Hama.

Here we have to ask the Arab League Secretary General and you “how did he have the ability to issue this premature judgment through remote control in violation of the first report of the UN observers though the special final investigations into this heinous massacre yet didn’t end,” al-Jaafar said.

Al-Jaafari: Syria is ready to receive an investigation committee from neutral countries

He added “Today.. at this platform and in the presence of the UN Secretary General, Mr. Annan and the Arab League Secretary General, we announce that Syria is ready to receive an investigation committee from neutral countries that respect the UN Charter and reject any intervention in the Syrian affairs.”

Al-Jaafari said that “We hear lots of statements and discussions about humanitarian aid for the needed in Syria,” wondering where are those aids which they talk about to be urgently distributed to the needed persons.

Al-Jaafari added that UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos mentioned in a formal memorandum that international contributions to meet the humanitarian needs in Syria reached USD 118 million a week ago, and she expressed concerns that only one third of this amount of money, USD 37 million, was allocated for humanitarian programs inside Syria, while the rest of the money would be spent to meet the humanitarian needs of the Syrians outside Syria, questioning the United Nations’ stance on the unilateral sanctions against over 23 million Syrian people.

He said that several international bodies have submitted several credible reports on the violations of human rights committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria, including kidnapping for money.

Al-Jaafari added that a UN observer told him that when he was in Homs, he was shocked to see that most of the armed people are children and teenagers under 18 years old

Annan: Terrorist Groups have Escalated Attacks…Bombings Indicate a Third Party

The UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, said that the armed terrorist groups in Syria have escalated their attacks that ”do not serve the interests of the Syrian people.”

Addressing the UN General Assembly session on Syria, Annan said that the recent string of bombings in Syria have further complicated the situation, adding that these bombings indicate a third party.

The UN envoy said that the Syrian government has released detainees, and agreements were reached on delivering humanitarian aid, considering that time has come to take decisions that guarantee harder work to ensure the implementation of his six-point plan.

”If the situation remains the same, it is likely that the future holds more killing, atrocities, sectarian violence and even risks an all-out civil war, which will be a no-win situation for the Syrians,” Annan said, adding that his plan is not working.

”I feel horrified at the new massacre in which scores, including women and children, were slaughtered in al-Qubeir west of Hama, which comes two weeks after al-Houla massacre…I offer heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, ”Annan said, stressing the importance of bringing the culprits to justice.

Annan saw that the crisis in Syria is escalating and violence is becoming worse. ”The country is becoming more polarized and radicalized, and Syria’s neighbors are becoming more concerned that the crisis could spill over into their own countries.”

”As we are calling for abiding by international law and the six-point plan, we’d like to clarify that that repercussions are likely in case the plan is no implemented…We have to chart a clearer course for the political transition process if we want to help the Syrian government and opposition and the Syrian society to solve the crisis,’ ‘Annan said.

Annan said that it is still possible to avert the worst and Syria can emerge from the crisis, vowing to spare no effort to help the Syrian people.

Churkin: Offering Weapons to Armed Groups Escalates Situation in Syria

Russia’s Representative to the UN, Vitali Churkin, stressed that the unilateral pressure on Syria is not useful and that sanctions do not help solve the crisis, rather they aggravate the humanitarian situation in the country, calling for stopping support to the armed opposition with weapons and money.

In a speech at the UN General Assembly session, Churkin said that supporting the armed opposition which call for foreign intervention should be stopped.

He added that Russia calls for holding a conference on Syria, reiterating Russia’s commitment to its stance on the crisis in Syria which is aimed at finding a peaceful solution through a political process led by Syria.

Chinese Ambassador: China calls for reaching a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria

Chinese Ambassador to the UN Li Baodong said that his country calls for reaching a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria through negotiations, without any foreign intervention or changing regime by force.

“China keeps an active role to realize a peaceful, comprehensive solution to the crisis in Syria… China follows the latest developments in Syria,” Baodong added at a speech to the session.

He called on all Syrian sides to carry out Annan’s 6-point plan and work effectively to stop violence, protect civilians and launch a comprehensive political dialogue.
India calls for Peaceful Solution to Crisis in Syria

India’s Representative to the UN, Hardeep Singh Puri, stressed that his country calls for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis and for commitment to the UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan’s six-point plan by all sides.

In his speech during the UN General Assembly session on the situation in Syria, Singh Puri expressed India’s concerns over escalating attacks against civilians and security forces, adding that India condemns all forms of terrorism and violence regardless of who is committing them.

The Indian representative pointed out that increasing the militarization of the conflict in Syria would have dangerous repercussions on peace and stability in the region at large.

He added that India calls on all sides to stop violence and achieve progress in all points of Annan’s plan.

Iran: Armed Terrorist Groups Curb Annan’s Plan

Iran’s Representative to the UN, Mohammad Khazaee, stressed that the armed terrorist groups, which did not abide by the call for ending violence, and the provocative stances of some countries’ officials curb the success of the plan of UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan.

In a speech during the UN General Assembly session, Khazaee pointed out that the armed groups have escalated their terrorist attacks against citizens indiscriminately, and they are destroying public properties and kidnapping people.

He called for boosting Annan’s plan for solving the crisis, considering it as the only solution that would lead to a political process led by Syria.