Syria Considers Ambassadors , Charge d’Affaires and Diplomats of the USA, Britain, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain , Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada and Turkey Personae Non Gratae

An official source in the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Tuesday stated that some countries have recently declared heads of our diplomatic missions and members of our embassies personae non gratae, and working on the principle of reciprocity, the Syrian Arab Republic decided to take the following immediate procedures:

1- Considering the U.S. Ambassador, Robert Ford, who is recently in his homeland for consultations persona non grata.

2- Considering the British Ambassador, Simon Collis, who is recently in his homeland for consultations persona non grata.

3- Considering the British Diplomat, Chancellor, Steven Hickey persona non grata.

4- Considering the Swiss Ambassador Martin Auschbachar persona non grata.

5- Considering the Turkish Ambassador, Omer Onhon, and all members of the Embassy personae non gratae.

6- Considering the French Ambassador, Eric Chevallier, persona non grata.

7- Considering the French Diplomat, the Second Secretary, Aymeric Amyot d’Inville persona non grata.

8- Considering the Italian Ambassador Achille Amerio, persona non grata.

9- Considering the Spanish Ambassador, Julio Albi, persona non grata.

10- Considering the Spanish Diplomat, Councilor, Jorge De Lucas Kadenas, persona non grata.

11- Considering Belgian Charge d’affaires Arnt Kennis persona non grata.

12- Considering Bulgarian charge d’affaires Dimitar Michaylovpersona non grata.

13- Considering the Bulgarian Third Secretary Stoyl Zlatarsky persona non grata.

14- Considering the German Military Attache Uwe Brettschneider persona non grata.

15- Considering assistants of the German Military Attache, Karsten Harwege, Maik Mietho and Jorge Michael Grobman personae non gratae.

16- Considering Canadian Charge d’Affaires and all members of the Embassy personae non gratae.

The source added that the Syrian Arab Republic believes in the importance of the standing dialogue based on the principle of equality and mutual respect among states and that diplomacy is an important tool to communicate with countries to resolve pending disputes and problems and we hope that those countries, which have taken the initiative of this step to adopt these principles in a way that allows the return of relations to normal between the two sides again.

R. Milhem / al-Ibrahim

President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued the decree No. 194 for 2012 on tasking Dr. Riyad Farid Hijab with the formation of the new government.

Dr. Hijab, Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform since April 14, 2012, was born in Deir Azzour in 1966.

Hijab, holder of a PhD in Agricultural Engineering, served as secretary of Deir Azzour Branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party for the period of 2004-2008, and as a Governor of Quneitra Governorate from 2008 till Feb. 2011 and later on as Lattakia Governor. He is married with 4 children.

H. Zain/ Al-Ibrahim