The US is imposing pressure on China to side with them in forcing Bashar al-Assad to step down and to have him blamed for last week’s mass civilian executions at Houla.

Press TV has conducted an interview with author and historian Webster Dr. Griffin Tarpley from Washington about the increase in terrorist numbers along Syria’s border with Turkey and about the link the armed opposition of the Syrian National transitional Council has to the Bilderberg Group. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: First of all, what do you make of this new front that has been launched in Turkey? It says it’s recruited around 12,000 armed rebels to fight Damascus. That’s quite precise wouldn’t you say?

Tarpley: I think we are dealing with a proliferation of terrorist sects and it’s the practice that we’ve seen. The Syrian National Council, made up of ex-patriots primarily, people who have their roots in the western world.

This is unstable and the fact that (Burhan) Ghalioun has not been able to hold on to power despite the advantages that would have given the Syrian National Council with their western owners and backers. I think that’s very significant.

So here we have another group, maybe more militant, more terrorist-ic.

Let me point to one of the developments in the last couple of days though. We just had the Bilderberg-er meeting here at Chantilly, Virginia and I was on the scene to report this and one of the people we saw going out and one of the people whose name is on the official Bilderberg participant’s list is a representative of the Syrian National Council.

Her name is Basma Kodmani; Basma Kodmani of the Syrian National Council or actually national block, is her most immediate address, was there. And that means she was hob-nobbing, according to most reports with Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, top European bankers like Ackerman of Deutsche Bank and representatives of the crown heads of Europe. I think this gives you a very good idea of what the nature of the Syrian National Council is.

This woman Basma Kodmani is a professor of international relations at the University of Paris; she is also a prominent official of the Ford Foundation and the French National Research Council, the CNRS. So this kind of a person is the sort of individual that would be planning color revolutions, coups, destabilizations and so forth and you see her then coming with her black limousine along with these bankers, the Queen of the Netherlands was there, my heavens, the prince of Belgium was there – and she’s rubbing noses with them.

So that shows you the top down support for the Syrian national council, but why some of these fighters, some of these for example veterans of Libyan civil war are not going to be too happy with them.

Press TV: Speaking of the Syrian National Council, it has been working behind the scenes disregarding the peace plan presented by Annan and its new head is a Kurd, which again raises the question of an autonomous Kurdish region in the Middle East spanning over Iraq, Turkey and Syria bowing to the will of the US.

Tarpley: Yes, of course. It underlines the utter folly, the incalculable irresponsibility and lack of insight of some of the Turkish leaders who have come so far down this road. It must be obvious to them that if they attacked Syria, there will be a general Kurdish uprising with the goal of creating a Kurdish an independent Kurdish state that will impinge not just on Turkey and Syria and Iraq and Iran, but may be even farther a field.

This would be an absolute disaster. The general impression I get is that the presence of this Basma Kodmani at the Bilderberg-er Group may indeed signal that some kind of a decision has been made, this coming after the Houla massacre of about a week ago that the NATO block really is interested in starting some kind of a war.

Notice also that Susan Rice of the United Nations, the US representative to the UN, Susan Rice who was one of the most vicious of all the warmongers has now said if Russia and China maintain there current attitude and veto a war that it would be time to look for alternatives outside the UN Security Council.

That’s ‘Bush Speak’ isn’t it? That’s the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ – that’s illegal, aggression, violation of international law – except that this time given the sensitivity of Syria, the implications for this are incalculable, they’re just frightening.

Press TV: It has been revealed that British SAS forces have been deployed on Syrian soil. Syria is no Libya though, so could Western aspirations play out the way that they have planned?

Tarpley: No I do not think so. In other words, they will not get this simple reduction of Syria to chaos in the way that has now been accomplished in Libya. The word from Libya today is that there is basically civil war fighting going on around Tripoli international airport where I was about a year ago.

I don’t think Syria is susceptible to that, but this could be as the Russian Foreign Ministry has been threatening for weeks it could be the beginning of a regional war, which as Medvedev said in St. Petersburg three weeks ago, could turn into a nuclear war.

So this is what the NATO madmen are playing with this weekend and that Bilderberg (group meeting) I think may emerge as a turning point.

Press TV: There have also been warnings of a full scale civil war erupting in Syria by the UN as well as China. With the way things are headed, how likely is that scenario?

Tarpley: Well, up until now there simply has not been a mass base for this and I am still very skeptical that there is a mass base for a civil war. If they want to claim civil war, let them show us the territory that the (NATO) death squads and their allies and fellow travelers control.

What do they control? Do they control Homs or do they control Daraa, do they control Idlib? I don’t think they control any of those. So unless and until we see some territory under their control and the emergence of a kind of a fighting front, this is not a civil war. This remains what it was from the beginning… a cynical destabilization planned by people in the US State Department going back to the Salvadoran solution that the US began implementing in Iraq in 2006, 2007.