Keith Harmon Snow

RT: “The most gruesome episode in Syria’s  uprising is quickly turning into a PR battle, as each side, and their  allies, portion blame for the slaughter in Houla. Just four days after  the murders of over a hundred men, women and children – the media has  been flooded with images furthering one, or the other agenda.  Commenting on the BBC’s blunder with the Iraq picture, journalist and human rights investigator Keith Harmon Snow says there’s simply no way it could have been posted by mistake.”

KHS: RT edited my comments about the corporate photographer Marco di  Lauro, and my comments about how such ‘news’ fabrications occur all the time for the mainstream agendas covering up war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, and everywhere else.  What RT did use makes a few good points, but here are some further details.

Like all mainstream corporate press agency photographers  covering wars their images are sold and used for propaganda purposes.  The statement by Marco di Lauro is hypocritical, since his work has been used over and over to sell the Pentagon and NATO wars. Marco di Lauro  sells his images through TIME, Getty Images, Associated Press and  others, and they have been used to sell the illegal NATO military  interventions in Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places.

In Sudan, for example, Marco di Lauro’s images have been used to sell the western propaganda accusing President Omar al Bashir of genocide, while covering up the Pentagon’s covert operations involving George Clooney, John Prendergast, Eric Reeves and others as the front-line media personalities [read: propagandists].

Marco di Lauro whines: “Somebody is using my images from Iraq as  propaganda against the Syrian government to prove the [Houla] massacre.  I am really surprised that an organization like the BBC cannot be  bothered to check sources and is ready to publish any image sent by a  citizen activist, or journalist or whoever they are.”

Marco di Lauro is careful not to seriously challenge the  system that feeds him. Saying “an organization like the BBC cannot be  bothered” is nonsense.  Everything is checked to protect against libel.  This was no accident.  Saying this was propaganda, Marco di Lauro is  able to immunize himself and immunize the system against criticisms  about the total information warfare he is involved in producing and that we ordinary citizens are subjected to.  His photo productions on Bosnia have supported the Politics of Genocide serving the establishment narratives that falsely frame western enemies. This is also an example of how a white elite foreigner uses the privilege and skin color to serve white power interests.

Marco di  Lauro’s photograph from Iraq used for the Syria propaganda was previously used to cover up U.S., NATO and  Israel war crimes in Iraq by attributing blame for all these dead children’s (?) bodies to the Saddam Hussein government.  He is a pivotal agent in the psychological warfare that manufactures genocides and war crimes always committed by our enemies (Taliban, Omar Bashir, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, etc. etc. etc.) and covers up genocides and war crimes committed by our own governments, intelligence agencies, covert operations and war machines, and those of our allies (Israel, Britain, Rwanda, Uganda, Holland, Germany, etc., etc., etc.).

When RT guest commentator Afshin Rattansi in this news clip that “its not a  conspiracy” he is also supporting the system. It is a conspiracy.  There is a conspiracy of silence (by media and so-called ‘journalists’), a conspiracy of propaganda and disinformation, and a conspiracy of war – to overthrow the government  of Syria.  We have seen these conspiracies of violence at work many, many times before, and all to support bombing and massacres and atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Libya and countless others.

Finally, the BBC’s labeling of the photo as “PHOTO FROM ACTIVIST” is part of the mind control operation — to make us think this is from some citizen activist, presumably a caring person just doing their duty to expose the horrors of this Arab [read: terrorist] regime.  The label serves to create a sense of authenticity of the image, and also to help protect the BBC in the event that someone figures out what is really going on here, where the image is not what it claims to be.  Once the image is shown, the damage is already done.  This is the Manufacture of Consent exposed by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman and Z.