Prensa Latina via Crimson Satellite

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad said today that his country is fully complying with the initial agreement reached with the UN regarding the international observers’ work.

He said this guarantees the group’s freedom to play their role neutrally, professionally and with transparency without harming Syria’s sovereignty.

In remarks to Lebanese Al-Manar television channel, Miqdad said that the International Observers Mission has not registered or reported any violation of the Annan’s Plan by Syria.

He said that the violations are committed by irregular armed groups, described as terrorist by the authorities, or by those who support them from abroad with weapons and money.

He reaffirmed his country’s commitment to observe the agreements and implement their clauses, denouncing the countries that since the start did not want the Mission of Observers, which, in his opinion, makes it imperative for the UN to demand compliance with commitments and agreements by the other parties.

The Syrian diplomat criticized “some Arab nations’ villainy as they spent billions of dollars to attack the Syrian people,” in line with policies dictated by Western nations and Israel instead of supporting the cause of this Middle East nation.

Meanwhile, an armed group kidnapped on Thursday two workers of the Operation and Maintenance Department for the Euphrates River Upper Basin, in Deir Hafer, near Aleppo, 350 km north of Damascus, according to Syrian news agency SANA.

Regarding the situation in this country, today Russian presidential assistant and representative in the G-8, Arkadi Dvorkovitch, said that his country opposes any approval of a declaration against Syria within the G-8 that might hinder peace efforts.

In a communiqué, Dvorkovitch urged the G-8 to send a signal to the parties in Syria that they have to work peacefully, and said that he would embrace that proposal.