Participants at the Syrian and Arab Tribes Forum, which convened its 12th session in Hadida town in Homs countryside on Saturday, declared sacred the blood and honor of the Syrian citizens, considering collaboration with foreigners for passing any foreign agenda in Syria to be prohibited.

Founder of the Syrian and Arab Tribes and Clans Forum, Sheikh Saleh al-Deli al-Nu’eimi, said that the forum sends a clear message rejecting foreign interference and the conspiracy against Syria and voicing support for national dialogue and reforms.

He added that the Forum was held in Homs for this governorate to be a platform for launching the national reconciliation.

Al- Nu’eimi said that he was informed that gunmen from al-Qseir city wish to communicate with the forum for reconciliation, adding that a similar inclination came from al-Khalidiyyeh neighborhood.

Participants expressed trust in the Syrian people’s ability to foil conspiracies thanks to their awareness and support to their leadership, underlining the necessity of fighting sedition.

They also saluted the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army martyrs who offered their souls to protect Syria, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

In their final statement, the participants called upon the Syrian people to reconcile their differences, urging them participation in the People’s Assembly elections.

The statement underlined the necessity of mobilizing efforts to liberate all occupied Arab territories and resort to dialogue as a way to reform and reconciliation.

The statement called upon the people of Homs to return to their city, considering the acts of kidnapping and killing as alien to the moral values of the Syrian people.

The participants expressed appreciation for those who turned themselves in with their weapons and vowed to be good citizens, urging the others to follow their example and admit to their wrongdoing.

They called on the UN observers to embrace objectivity, blasting the violence, bombings, and kidnapping that claimed the lives of innocent Syrian citizens. They also hailed the awareness of the Syrian people which foiled the conspiracy.

The participants also affirmed that President Bashar al-Assad is the safety valve in Syria who guarantees its unity.

Two thousand personalities from Syria and delegations from Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon took part in the forum.

M. Ismael

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