Armed Groups Impersonate Security Officers to Commit Robberies, Attack Oil Pipeline, Murder and Abduct Citizens

An armed terrorist group impersonated security officers to be allowed into the house of citizen Mayada Aref Bourazi from al-Sanamin town in Daraa. After their entry, the terrorist group introduced themselves as members of the so-called “Free Army” and threatened the woman and stole a large amount of jewelry and money.

Terrorist Groups Targets Oil Pipeline in Deir Ezzor with Explosive Device, Detonate Explosives on Ariha-Lattakia Highway

A terrorist group targeted an oil pipeline between the villages of Mahkan and al-Quriya in Deri Ezzor with an explosive device, damaging a valve and causing large amounts of oil to leak.

An official source at the Petroleum Ministry told SANA that the pipeline transports crude oil from al-Omar field to T2 station, and that pumping operations were halpted after the explosion, adding that production remains unaffected since there are alternative lines that can be used until repairs are carried out.

Another terrorist group detonated two explosive devices on the highway between Ariha and Lattakia.

Terrorists Assassinate Employee at Idleb Post Office, Injure Citizen and Abduct His Son, Abduct Mayor of Deir Haffer

A terrorist group assassinated citizen Mohammad Sattouf al-Kasem, born in 1969, who works in Idleb Post Office.

A source at the governorate told SANA’s correspondent that al-Kasem was shot by the terrorist while on his way to work near his village of Ein Sheb, west of Idleb city.

The source said that on Saturday night, two terrorist broke into the house of nurse Haitham Yazaji who works in Idleb National Hospital, shooting him in the foot and abducting his 18 year-old son Ghazal.

Another terrorist group abducted Rajab al-Khamis, Mayor of Deir Haffer in Aleppo. A source at the governorate said that three terrorists using two cars forced al-Khamis out of his home and took him to an unknown destination.

Authorities Confiscate Weapons, Arrest Terrorists in Hama Countryside

A terrorist group attacked law-enforcement forces in Hama’s eastern countryside, and the authorities confronted them and chased them to their hideouts where they arrested many terrorists and confiscated large amounts of weapons.

A source at the governorate said that 16 assault rifles, 2 PKC machineguns, a Degtyarev machinegun, 3 sniper rifles, 2 RPG launchers with 7 rounds, 3 ENERGA missiles, and large amounts of ammo were confiscated, along with 14 explosive devices and stolen license plates.

Child Martyred, Another wounded by Armed Terrorist Group in Deir Ezzor

An armed terrorist group opened fire on civilians and law-enforcement personnel in al- Qurayyat city in Deir Ezzor, killing a child and wounding another and a law-enforcement member.

A source at the province said that child Ammar Mossa al-Daher was martyred while child Hiba al-Khidr and a law-enforcement member were wounded in the attack.

Armed Terrorist Group Loots Teachers’ Salaries in Daraa Countryside

An armed terrorist group attacked a vehicle that was taking salaries to teachers of al-Mizereeb area in Daraa Countryside.

SANA’s correspondent quoted a source at the province as saying that the group stopped by force the salaries car and stole SYP 9,3 million.

Four Members of Armament Department Died in Explosion of Ammunition Box

An ammunition box exploded while it was transferred into a warehouse owned by the Armament Department in Khan Touman area, 20km south of Aleppo, causing the martyrdom of four members who were transferring it, a military source told SANA reporter.

174 Persons Involved in Recent Events Turn Themselves In to the Authorities in Idleb and Damascus Countryside

174 persons who were involved in recent events but didn’t shed any blood turned themselves in to the authorities in Idleb and Damascus countryside.

129 persons from Idleb, 4 from al-Jarajer village, 6 from Harasta, 18 from Zabadani in Damascus countryside and 17 from other areas surrendered to the competent authorities along with their weapons.

The authorities immediately released them after they had pledged not to bear arms or participate in any acts of sabotage.