The armed terrorist groups continued their criminal acts committed against civilians and security forces in several cities.

In Damascus, two law-enforcement members and civilians on Friday were wounded by explosion of an explosive device. The device was planted by a terrorist group beside a tree in front of Zaid Bin Thabit Mosque in Khalid Bin al-Waleed street.

SANA correspondent quoted a source at the governorate Police Command as saying that a number of cars were damaged.

in Aleppo, an armed terrorist group detonated an explosive device in east al-Ansari area causing the injury of law-enforcement members and civilians.

An official source at the governorate said eight law-enforcement personnel were injured in the attack and a civilian leg was amputated.

In Deir Ezzour, the competent authorities seized a field hospital was used by the armed terrorist groups in al-Mohassan city. Different kinds of weapons were found inside the hospital.

A source at the governorate told SANA reporter that 12.5 mm and 13.5 mm machine guns , quantities of ammunition and military uniforms were also seized.

Two citizens were injured when an explosive device, planted by an armed terrorist group, went off in a Police car in al-zahira al-Jadida area east of al-Meidan quarter in Damascus.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA reporter that the explosive device was attached to the bottom of the car to the left side, which caused injury to Ibrahim Shouha and Aaisha Mahasin, parents of the driver eng. Ayman Shouha.

The reporter quoted a medical source at al-Mujtahid Hospital as saying that Ibrahim is in a serious condition and Aaisha was wounded in her left leg.

Another explosive device, planted by an armed terrorist group, went off near a lighting column in al-Qaboun neighborhood. The blast resulted in material damages only, according to SANA.

Two Civilians Injured in Explosive Device Blast at al-Adawi Highway in Damascus

Two civilians were injured as an explosive device went off at al-Adawi Highway in Damascus.

SANA correspondent quoted a police source as saying that the explosion took place near the road leading to the Faculty of Agriculture, injuring two citizens; Adeeb Kamel and Saeed Muhammad Mesilmani, and causing damage to the cars passing by.

Armed Terrorist Group Assassinates Assistant Head of Department at Jobar Switchboard

An armed terrorist group assassinated on Thursday Muhammad Qusai Malek, assistant head of department at Jobar switchboard along with his wife’s brother Bashar Halima who works at Scientific Research Center.

SANA correspondent quoted a police source in the governorate as saying that six terrorists broke into the house of Malek in Ein Terma area after breaking the door, before shooting him and injuring him in the foot, then they kidnapped him along with Bashar who was in the house at the time of the attack. The terrorists also stole the family’s car, jewelry and a sum of money.

The source indicated that the bodies of Malek and Halima were found on Friday morning with traces of torture on them.

Five Law Enforcement Members Injured in Explosive Device Blasts in Tartous

In Tartous province on the Syrian coast, five law enforcement personnel were injured in two explosive device blasts between the cornice and Tal Nufous in al-Qubaiyat neighborhood.

The five members are Ahmad Mahmoud, Adham Hammoud, Adeeb Majar, Baraa Ali and Nabeel Ghanem, according to a source in the province.

The source added that a third explosive device was dismantled by the military engineering units near the explosion area.

5 Law-Enforcement Personnel Injured in Grenade Blasts in Hama

An armed terrorist group lobbed several grenades at law enforcement personnel in al-Sabouniye neighborhood in Hama, injuring an officer and four other personnel.

On a relevant note, a source in Hama governorate said that engineering units dismantled three explosive devices, each with a yield of 20 kg, planted by terrorists on al-Amin road.

The source also said that the authorities found the bodies of Maamoun Shekh al-Souq and Yehea Hallaq in Janoub al-Mallab neighborhood and Bab al-Balad area respectively, and that the bodies bore gunshot wounds. The two citizens had been abducted by terrorists on Saturday.

Two Explosive Devices Dismantled in Deir Ezzor

In Deir Ezzor province, the authorities dismantled two explosive devices planted by armed terrorist groups in a park adjacent to al-Madlaji roundabout in the city.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that one of the explosive devices weighs, which were prepared to be remotely detonated, 20 kg and the other weighs 30 kg.

Two Explosive Devices Dismantled in Aleppo

In Aleppo province, the military engineering units last night dismantled two explosive devices planted by armed terrorist groups in the city.

One of the two 2 kg explosive devices was planted in Salah Eddin area, while the other was in al-Sukari area, according to a source in the province.

Gas Cylinder Explodes in Deir Ezzor, Kills 3

A gas cylinder exploded in al-Jbeileh neighborhood in Deir Ezzor, killing 3 family members and injuring three others.

SANA correspondent quoted a police source as saying that the explosion ripped through the house of Salem al-Azzami who works in filling gas cylinders, killing his mother and two of his family members, and injuring three others.

Authorities Seize Car Loaded with Weapons and Ammo in Hama Countryside

The authorities seized a car loaded with weapons in the eastern Hama countryside and arrested the weapon smugglers and dealers inside it.

The car contained 18 assault rifles, 5 PKC machineguns, 5 belt-fed machineguns, and RPG launcher with five rounds, 7 pump action shotguns, 11 hand grenades, 5 radio communicators, pouches, stolen license plates and a large amounts of ammo of various calibers.